Friday Finds

Hope you all had a great  couple of weeks. We had a busy long (Canadian) weekend. Packed full of family, friends, some gardening and half-decent weather. Warm weather is still being shy in this part of the world. We get one warm day or two, and then its back to cold. If you’re celebrating a long weekend in the US this weekend I hope you have a great one. And hey, if you have some downtime check out what I’ve found around the web in the last little while.

Funny celebrities have funny kids (and funny stories to tell). Here’s an amusing round-up. Amy Poehler’s is my favourite.

Speaking of celebrities one of my faves is apparently moving. Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseulos have put their 7000 sq. ft penthouse up for sale (It’s sold). Check it out.

And if you’re in the market for a house but the well-appointed 5-bedroom penthouse in Manhattan isn’t your thing (what?) perhaps this Star Trek themed mansion is more your style. All yours for a cool $35 M.

star trek house

Looking for something random and awesome? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s 20 hedgehogs that should fit the bill.

Meanwhile in Canada… perhaps the most Canadian thing that has ever happened. (Video)

I think I’ve decided on this fabric for the curtains in Harry’s room. I bought a swatch and he approves. Ha!

Pretty sure I’m going to have to try making these Lemon Raspberry Yogurt Pops this summer when raspberries are in season. I can’t wait.

And since summer will probably, hopefully, eventually make its way here I’m seeing bathing suits everywhere. I love ASOS bathing suits. Especially this one (pictured below), and this one and this one. Now I just need to work on my beach body!

asos bathing suit

You didn’t think I’d leave you without some videos, did you?

Selfies around the world. So beautiful. So fun. I’m jealous!


The president of the United States goes out for a stroll. It was caught on video.


I hope that kept you busy for a little while. I’m looking forward to a weekend that has a great forecast, Harry’s first soccer “game” this weekend, and a little gardening. And two of my very best friends just had baby boys this week. I’m hoping I can squeeze in a snuggle or two with them some time soon. Have a great weekend!




Friday Finds

Better late than never! Another week that threw our best laid plans for a loop. Both husbandman and I were sick with the flu at.the.same.time. It was the worst! We rebounded quickly though and managed to finally finish painting the basement. I’ll have pics for you soon. I love it and I’m so excited!


I feel I need this bag and then I need to plan a getaway.

I laughed so hard at these. The photos are priceless but the captions rival their silliness. 100 most important cat pictures of all time.

Big news in our house this week! Scientists have discovered a new dinosaur. And they gave him a great name.

Last week I posted about some octopus art that I found. And this week, a new DIY take on large scale octopus art. Is Octopus the new fox in home decor?


I just bought this shirt for Harry.

I love these simple and inexpensive updates for sprucing up the front door.

That’s it! Have a wonderful weekend. If you’re a mom I hope you have the most wonderful Mother’s Day and are appreciated for all that you do for your family. I’ll try to post again next week to catch you up on basement progress.

Friday Finds

Oh heyyyyyyyyyyy!

So, I’ve been a little busy lately. I had a crazy couple of weeks in the lead up to my return to work. Sickness spread through our house, Foster’s birthday party and Christening, oh yeah, and return to work prep (batch cooking etc.) So you’ll excuse me while I’ve been away. Right? I’m glad you’ve been checking in on me while I’ve been gone. Sorry there’s been nothing new to look at in so long.

There’s lots I want to share with you guys but blogging has just taken a back seat to being exhausted taking care of the family and just staying on top of regular life stuff. But, just because I’ve been gone doesn’t mean I haven’t been hoarding awesome stuff to share for my triumphant (you be the judge) return to Friday Finds. I love sharing regular life updates, the newsletters to the boys, and of course our DIY and home update adventures but more than anything people tell me how much they love (and even look forward to) Friday Finds. So I’m going to try to get my act back in gear to at least bring you Friday Finds every week.


octopus print

So we’re pretty smitten with this print. Going to have to figure out where to put this guy somewhere in the house.

I love this modern boy’s room. So chic and lots of fun!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so here’s a round-up of a couple of gift guides for your shopping pleasure. A Thoughtful Place, One Fine Day, The Handmade Home and Indigo. And I’ll just add that I’m crushing on this scarf  and if there’s such a thing as a clothing crush I have one on this hoodie.

scuba hoodie lulu

Since Harrison has developed his love of dinosaurs I’ve learned a lot about them. And so much has changed since I was a kid. Some of the theories about these creatures are just so fascinating. Like… check this out!

Why you should learn to sew already! (The Handmade Home) and a cautionary tale about pattern placement.

I’m no expert, but I’m taking it one project at a time. And if you learn to sew, you’re gonna need some fabric. Luckily for you, Kelly has rounded up the 25 best places to shop for home decor fabric online. My two favourites are and Tonic Living. I just placed a order yesterday.

How to be a great host. Some great tips!

We (like the rest of the planet) wait not so patiently every week for the next episode of Game of Thrones. What would your Game of Thrones name be? Mine’s Queen Heatheria Baratheon The Kingslayer!

True Facts About the Owl (prepare to laugh)


I did’t know what a promposal was until I saw this. (get your tissues ready)


Whew! That about does it. I hope that somewhat makes up for my absence. If you ever see something on the web that you think would be great for Friday Finds then just drop me a line. And if you’re ever missing me over here, don’t forget to find me on Instagram for a mini photo fix.

Have a great weekend!







About making plans as a parent

I had a long list of things that I wanted to accomplish today – the day before Foster’s birthday! How did that happen so quickly? After dropping both kids off at daycare I had a list that included prepping some items for Foster’s party, putting together a blog post for tomorrow, and maybe even getting a bunch of the trim and doors painted in the basement.

But, Harrison had other plans for me. He woke up in the middle of the night with the flu and so he and I are home today. Luckily it seems to have just been a short-lived bug, since he seems more like himself albeit a bit less hungry. He has been a real trooper and since the worst of his illness seems to have passed I was actually able to get a lot done today.

Harry was in need of a haircut and he actually suggested doing that today. So we kicked off our day with a haircut.

hair cut

Then a quick trip to the grocery store on the way home.

At home he just wanted to chill for a little while so he played with his trains, his Lego, and his peel and re-stick sticker book – all things he doesn’t get to play with uninterrupted when Foster is around. Then since he was feeling up for a change, together we baked a birthday cake for Foster’s birthday tomorrow. And also made a few egg nests for Foster’s celebration on Saturday. Harry was happy to help with putting the eggs in the nest. And licking the spoon of course.

egg nests

After lunch we hit up the Bulk Barn for a few items for Foster’s party. And if that wasn’t enough, we also stopped by the toy store so Harrison could pick out a gift to give to his brother. He had a great idea last week that Foster might like a construction helmet, so we went in search of one, and to my surprise we actually found one at the first store.

So, although what we accomplished today might not jive exactly with what I had planned we still had a full day, I got to hang out with Harry, and I crossed off a lot of items on my larger weekly to-do list.

If you want to keep up with all of Foster’s birthday party prep (or the rest of my life) follow me on Instagram “heatheroleary”.




Friday Finds and a Sneak Peek

Friday Finds is a little late today because I’m working my way around our basement with a paint brush in hand.

To make up for the delay, here’s a little sneak peek!

paint in progress

It’s a really dark day here today so all the lights are on in the basement. This photo makes the new colour look pretty dark, but it’s actually a lot lighter and brighter than the golden colour that I’m painting over. The colour on the left side of the door is closer to the true colour.

And now back to your regular Finds

The quality of 13 famous TV shows charted over time. Oh Dexter…

Speaking of paint, House Beautiful rounded up the best paint colours for your foyer.

This goalie gets into the groove. Literally.

Some beautiful photos from around the world from a bird’s eye view. Browsing through them made me feel very, very, very small. And made me want to travel again.


Have a great weekend! I’ll likely have a paint brush in my hand. AGAIN.

All the trimmings

The other day my friend Courtney told me that she was reading the blog tour of my basement in the middle of the night while feeding her little baby. Although I’m glad she is reading, Courtney has been in my basement many, many times. So she knew her way around. The tour was not exactly the most interesting post for her. Well Courtney, this one’s… not that exciting either.

This is a post about one of those projects that takes a lot of time, and seems a little lopsided in the work to payoff ratio. But, if you didn’t do it, it would also be so noticeable. So you’ve gotta roll up your sleeves and just do it.

When I showed you around the basement  you may have noticed that there were a lot of doors. Here’s two closets and a door in just one photo. Just to the left of the mirror (that you can just see on the left of the photo) is another door for another cold storage.

all the doors


There’s also the bathroom door. And there’s a door that I don’t think I’ve shared a photo of that leads to another room in the house – our storage/furnace room.

doors oh my

And guess what? All those doors and all the trim around the room are painted cream.

And did I mention the stairs?

come on down

I really just wanted to get to the painting of the walls part because that’s the most rewarding. The change is so much more noticeable. But before I could get to any of the painting at all, I noticed that the trim around our stairs was looking a little worse for wear.

stair damage

The caulking was separating from the walls, so before I could get to the not-awesome part of painting the trim, I had to get to the even less awesome part. Prepping. I used a combination of utility knife and scraper and it did a pretty good job. Working by myself it took me an hour to do both sides of the staircase including clean up.

And that’s about as far as I’ve gotten, but I’m making progress bit by bit. I did learn a nifty little trick while removing the silicone, though.

Once the scraper and knife had worked their magic, the moulding around the stairs was still looking a little worse for wear.

cruddy remains

I read that using rubbing alcohol will help get the little leftover bits off and…

after rubbing alcohol

it worked like a charm! I just used a little rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and some light pressure. So now you know.

I hope that didn’t put you to sleep.(Courtney are you there?)  I think there was a little redemption there with the tip at the end. Hope it helps keep you around until tomorrow. I’m a master of suspense!


The rest of the room

As you know we’ve been sprucing up the play room in our basement for the boys. Well, I’ve never shown you the rest of the very large room. So, come on down and let me show you around, because it’s next on my hit list.

come on down

You enter the basement from the hallway near our back door/mud room and the whole room is fully carpeted.

bathroom door

At the bottom of the stairs to the right is a 3-piece bathroom. If you turn to the right (to where you can see past the wall) you’ll see that we have our treadmill down here along with two storage closets. I’ve got plans for those closets down the line, but right now they store extra dishes and glassware, some games and other odds and ends.


The door that you see in the above picture leads to a cold storage area that runs behind the bathroom and is quite large.

desk area

Beyond the treadmill is our desk area. It is in desperate need of an organizing session. Nothing like having to move it around and paint to have an excuse to take everything out and start over!


But the main use for the space (besides the play room that’s nearby) is to watch TV and movies and entertain friends.

couch with TV

You can see the wires hanging down running to the TV and to the speakers. We have a project in mind for hiding those. If you follow me on Instagram you might’ve seen that a few weeks ago we picked up a big piece of that project. A 4-8 sheet of maple. More details to come soon! You might have also noticed the large patch below the TV. We had a little shelf mishap in which a shelf that was supporting our centre speaker jumped off the wall and left a few really nice holes. So we’re in the process of repairing those in preparation for paint the walls and our TV cord-hiding project.

couch with coffee table

You can see above the chair on the right (that first lived upstairs in the family room) that while we were filling holes we filled a few more from where our TV used to be. When we first moved in we had a different couch that made the room make more sense oriented differently. But this is definitely a better layout and we have the right pieces to make it work.


And here’s a closer shot of our fireplace. I love how large it is, but we’re not loving how it is just floating there on the wall. We’re undecided yet on what to do to help that situation but as our plans evolve we’ll keep you posted. There’s some stone on the mantle that we thought could work for facing. Our friends just did their fireplace in this stone and had some left over for us to test out. Turns out the colour of the stone that we love so much is almost a perfect match for the paint colour we chose. Sounds great, but we think it would actually be too close to look good.

The basement is large and it has taken as a long time to find a layout that we really like and that is really functional. That’s why after more than three years in the house we’re finally ready to take on this big guy. There’s the play room, the TV area, the “gym” and the office. And so many spaces need help. Where to start? The walls need hiding. The TV wires need hiding. The fireplace needs something. The office needs organizing. The window treatments have GOT to go!

But, one thing at a time. Painting’s up first. And now you’ve seen… the rest of the room. If you don’t get that reference you haven’t listened to enough talk radio. But don’t worry, that was really just for my dad, anyway.