Getting there

Now I’m not the mathematician in our house, but do I like to think I can add. But, when it comes to calculating how early we need to leave for the airport I am always right I never seem to get it right.

For my flight to London the airline recommended checking in 3 hours in advance and we live 1 hour from airport; to me that means we need to leave about 4 hours before the scheduled departure. The guy with a BMath said 6hrs in advance would be a reasonable time to be packing up the car. And there’s just no arguing with him, so I hopped in the car and we were off.
And, I’ll admit we’ve never been late for a flight, but, have you ever been to an airport? They’re the most pleasant and entertaining places on earth, why you wouldn’t want to spend every spare minute you’ve got there?

I arrived at my gate at Pearson after waiting in line for 30 minutes to drop off my bag, and a 10 minute walk to my gate with….. drum roll please…. 3 hours to spare.

Luckily the action at the gate proved exciting. The woman working the gate was truly workin’ it. I’m pretty sure she thought it was open mic night, only she wasn’t trying to be funny.

She kept us all entertained until we boarded our delayed flight. I think we all knew we were in for a treat after her first announcement.

“Hello and welcome ladies and gentlemen. We’ll begin to board the flight shortly, but I’m told there will be just a slight delay, ladies and gentlemen. We want to thank you for flying with us today, ladies and gentlemen. And we want to thank you for your patience, ladies and gentlemen.We want to welcome you and wish you a very merry Christmas, (pause) and joy, (pause) and peace, and happiness and (pause) laughter”.

The announcements continued. After informing us that we weren’t able to board because the flight crew wasn’t yet present, and that she knew when they’d arrive but she wouldn’t be telling us (ok, not in so many words), she stated her dismay that even though she had expected this would be a routine flight, this in fact was turning out to not be such a routine flight.

She then played a game of Simon Says with the passengers with young children.

Stand up.

Sit down.

Stand up.

Sit down.
And after all this “confusion”, she added a very friendly reminder that passengers make sure they were lining up with their own children!

And through all of this, all I could think was, what have I been missing? I think I’ll be arriving early to my gate from now on.


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