Homework – Assignment 1

Now that we have our fancy shmancy new camera, I decided I had better learn how to use it. I don’t want to be one of those people who buys expensive things just to have them, and then doesn’t use them to their full potential. Sidenote: I am exactly that way with my new iPhone, except it’s because I’m just not used to relying on the power of that little thing. So, it’s not because I don’t want to use the full capabilities of the iPhone, it’s that I am ignorant of them. And that’s different. I think.

Anyway, I recently signed up for a photography course through Conestoga College’s Continuing Ed. department to try to start understanding the new equipment. I’m taking “Photography Level One”. I am apparently qualified for level one and not the lesser “Introduction to Digital Photography” because I know how to turn on my camera. (That is the only difference I could find from reading the course descriptions and from talking to the very helpful staff at the Continuing Ed. office).

Tuesday nights for 3 hours – in a freezing cold classroom – that’s where you’ll find me.

Our first assignment was to submit 4 photos. A portrait, a landscape or city scene, a “sporting event”, and an environmental portrait. And despite what mom thinks, an environmental portrait does not mean a picture of someone recycling.

I submitted my assignment last night, so here they are for you.

A portrait of Kilger. I think he looks good. If I was going to print this one, I’d probably crop it a little bit tighter. That’s what a 10.2 megapixel camera is for, right?

A landscape scene. It was snowing. HARD. So it’s not the most beautiful picture, but I didn’t have a lot to work with.

A sporting event. Our instructor told us that we could use the term “sporting event” loosely. I completely forgot to take the camera to curling on Thursday, didn’t have time to take pictures at Ultimate on Friday, then completely forgot to take the camera back to the curling club on Saturday when we had our kitchen duty. So, I went driving around town on Sunday afternoon, and amazingly found a family doing some cross-country skiing in Waterloo park. Here this little girl is going down a bit of a  hill. Lucky I found them, otherwise I was going to have to make Roland play tennis in our living room.

And this is Andy in his “environment”. Andy is Renison’s kitchen manager. He was happy to pose for the camera.

What do you think? Look out Annie Liebowitz?


One thought on “Homework – Assignment 1

  1. Pictures are great ,must be in the genes. You have used the use of thirds well and identfied your subject without a
    adding clutter to your images. Well done!!
    The Photomeister.

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