Signs of spring

Canadians like to talk about the weather. Good weather. Bad weather. Mediocre weather. It doesn’t matter what its “doing” outside we like to talk about it. Our long winters make us want to talk about subtle differences in temperatures, daylight hours, and any tiny hint that spring might be around the corner. The first robin, the snow melting, the getting home from work before the sun goes down.

We anticipate the coming of spring, or perhaps more specifically, the end of winter so much that we have a holiday that elevates a groundhog to the status of meteorologist for crying out loud! And journalists across the country report on whether or not Wiarton Willy saw his shadow.

But one of the ways the whole country is signaled to the coming of spring is an event so momentous that the event is anticipated, talked about, and provides fodder for LOTS of small talk (and commiserating):

And it couldn’t have come at a better time. As the Olympics ended Canadians needed something to keep them bonded. Tim Horton’s to the rescue.


3 thoughts on “Signs of spring

  1. Now I am really homesick, not only do I not get my Timmy’s coffee but I don’t get to unroll the rim with my teeth as I drive down the 417 at 130 kms per hour. I will have to make do with my Tim Hortons I love New York coffee mug with at least decent coffee. Unlike most Brits who are complaining about the weather, I am happy it is seasonably chilly (spring-like to Canadians) since most of my warm weather clothes is still in Canada. I have ordered my annual supply of maple syrup and will ship it to England with our personal shipment in April.
    We are replacing the sparse Olympic televion coverage with an overload of English Premier, European Cup and other football cup matches. The good news is that ManU is playing well – love that Rooney, and Fulham, for which we have season tickets is still in 2 cups. We have tickets for their match against Juventus during Christopher’s visit so he will get a chance to see some first call soccer.

  2. i used to be a Tim’s chocolate iced capp fan… I have since discovered McD’s Mocha Frappe!!!!! I can no longer justify the iced capp as it pales in comparison…. the only dilema… not available in Canada!!!!

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