Canada blooms

Last Saturday, my friend Allison and I made the trek to the big city to take in this year’s Canada Blooms festival. The  big feature gardens were great and inspiring despite the fact that we only have a little plot of land. It was a jam-packed day. We sat through a great presentation on bugs/pests and how to deal with them. I took tons of notes that I plan to put to good use this summer.

Talking about the festival just doesn’t do it justice though, so here’s a post for the green thumb and photographer in dad.

No, I didn’t take only vertical shots. See…

While we were there we got to see some local celebrities.

Mark Cullen was the opening presenter and just talked about what there is to see and do at the show.

Frankie Flowers did a talk called “What’s Bugging You” and I was furiously taking notes on my iPhone. His best line was “Fruit flies are booze hounds”.

And we got to see some not-so-local celebrities

Martha was in Canada promoting her new line of products for the Home Depot. Here she’s showing everyone how to plant some thyme. The best part of the presentation was when she made a joke about planting thyme because “everyone needs more thyme”. When she didn’t get a big laugh she sort of mumbled, “whatever”. Allison and I thought THAT was hilarious!

And here she is waving goodbye to everyone after taking a few questions. She wasn’t able to stay and do autographs, but she did provide everyone with a copy of her latest Martha Stewart Living. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes inside. And boy, can she draw a crowd! (That’s only half)

Phew! What a great day. Biggest lesson learned is that planning is good, but planting is better. This spring and summer I’m going to make a plan and then go for it. If I don’t like how it looks or the plants are in the wrong spot, it’ll be easy to see and I’ll just move them for next year.


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