Out like a lamb

Seriously…check out that daily high!

March has been so mild here. I am definitely not complaining. I haven’t worn socks in WEEKS!

The weather is supposed to be even warmer – balmy even- for the rest of the week. On Friday the forecast is calling for sunny and a high of 25 degrees. Saturday looks the same however we’re headed to BC to spend Easter with Erik and Naarah and the Vancouver forecast is calling for 8 degrees and rain. Go figure!

March has been a busy month so I thought I’d provide a little recap:

  • Roland had his last day at Sandvine and started his new job working from home
  • My photography course has wrapped up and I’ve set my sights on a Conversational Chinese course over the summer with Courtney
  • Work was crazy busy with March Break Open House preparations and promptly afterwards I came down with a bad cold
  • I accepted a new position at UW with the School of Computer Science. I’ll start there on April 12th.
  • We booked our tickets to BC to spend Easter and a few days with Erik and Naarah.
  • We saw the dentist. Roland has been referred to an orthodentist for a consultation, and my wisdom teeth need to come out pronto.
  • “Trout” wrapped up our Winter Ultimate league in Waterloo with a win in the finals to round out an undefeated season
  • So far I’ve lost about 9 pounds by Making the Cut, and I have very few pairs of pants that fit me, making me very self-conscious at work of my drooping behind due to the aforementioned poorly fitting pants.
  • This weight loss and ensuing “saggy bum” fiasco has prompted Roland to come up with a new nickname for me: Dumpy-butt. How endearing.

One thought on “Out like a lamb

  1. Dumpy-butt! Sorry but that is hilarious!

    As for the wisdom teeth… I feel for ya. Are you getting all 4 out? I hated the experience so I hope that yours goes much more smoothly!

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