Disappearing act

It was a really busy April. That’s what I’ll use as my excuse for not posting much lately and… I guess my recovery was the first 10 days of May? It really was a busy April, though.


  • We kicked off the month with an extra long weekend in BC to visit Erik and Naarah for Easter. Despite the fact that we left behind mid-20s weather for cool single digit temperatures, my first trip to BC did not disappoint. (photos coming soon)
  • I had my last day at Renison and an awesome send off party.
  • I started my new job in CS on April 12th. So far, so good. I especially like that there’s food at almost every meeting and a Tim Horton’s in my building. (Making the Cut, what?)
  • Our second indoor Ultimate league wrapped up. Hustle & Flow ended our season on a less illustrious note than Trout finishing with three straight losses.
  • We headed up to the Lanktree cottage to help Matt and Laura open it for the summer season. We had cold weather, but that didn’t bother us one bit. (photos coming soon)
  • I immediately followed up a great weekend at the cottage with the removal of three teeth. The surgery went very well but I apparently had some interesting conversations while coming out from under the influence of the drugs they gave me.
  • And we rounded out the last week of April with the start of summer/outdoor Ultimate season with two tryouts and a tournament in Guelph. I played 4 straight games on Saturday and 3 games on Sunday. All that playing took a toll on my knee and I was limping around for a day or two. I’m pretending its due to the stress on it (7 games in 2 days) and not the fact that I’m getting older.

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