Two months later

How’s that for suspense? I know that you’ve been hanging on the edge of your seat just waiting to hear about our trip to BC to visit Erik and Naarah. Yup. I think I’ve got the suspense thing down. Maybe I’ll write a novel. I’ll let you know what I decide. (See?)

Back in March I had the brilliant idea to take advantage of an Air Canada seat sale and asked politely invited ourselves to Erik and Naarah’s place for the Easter weekend. I was able to take a couple days off work because I was finishing up at Renison and they allowed me to use up some of my vacation days. It was a whirlwind trip – vacations are never long enough – but we packed in tons of fun.

Our adventure started very early in the morning. We left Waterloo around 3 am because husbandman made the departure plans as usual. (See this post) That means we were technically leaving at midnight BC time. I was a bit worried that we’d arrive on the first day and be asleep at the dinner table, but we made it through dinner and then some. We had no trouble arriving on time (obv.) and the flight was really smooth. Our flight actually landed a bit early. Since we knew we had a few minutes to spare before Erik’s expected arrival, we sat inside the terminal and stared at this for a while. We felt welcomed.

What we didn’t know as we waited was that instead of everything going according to plan so that Erik could pick us up around 9, Erik was:

  • waiting for the car rental office to actually open (at 9 am)
  • waiting for a car (that he had reserved in advance) to be dropped off and become available
  • getting lost on the way to the airport by taking the wrong bridge and ending up in a completely different city

As a result of our extended waiting period. We had lots of time to make observations. Like how apparently BC only recognizes 6 provinces.

taken on R's phone

Couldn’t find the other flags anywhere.

Needless to say we were very happy to see Erik when he did arrive. We wasted no time with niceties and threw our bags down at their apartment and turned right back around and out the door. We grabbed Naarah and went straight to Stanley Park and made a plan.

We saw the belugas.

Walked along the sea wall. (Every time I heard “sea wall” I thought of C-wall and thought of Cornwall)

Found a huuuuge tree.

On the way out of the park we saw the Olympic rings that would light up in gold every time Canada won.

After Stanley Park we made a trip out to Granville Island and had a bite to eat and sampled some local beer. On day two, Naarah had to work, so just the three of us went out for a hike at Lighthouse park.

After our hike, Erik took us to Lynn Canyon. The highlight of which is the suspension bridge. The boys braved the bridge R took some great photos on the other side.

While I did this:

For the record: I’m sitting on a bench dedicated to the memory of someone who died in the canyon. DIED like dead. There were several other rocks and benches in the area with the same sentiment so I don’t feel bad about not crossing and saving my own life.

Before we headed home to get Easter dinner going R had to capture Erik’s parking job. Erik doesn’t drive much any more.

We had an amazing Easter dinner with Erik and Naarah’s friends and family on Sunday, and Naarah and I capped off a great weekend on Monday with, what else, shopping.

My first trip to BC definitely did not disappoint. I think I’ll be inviting myself back there again soon.


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