Too cute for words

I follow lots of blogs and draw tons of inspiration for my home and office from their photos and stories. I love finding out about an adorable throw cushion, a great accessory, or an “undiscovered” artist on etsy. I’m also a huge fan of all the DIY bloggers who can see a discarded piece of anything and turn it into something beautiful or functional.

I thought I’d start sharing the little things that stand out to me in a new category: Too cute for words. It’ll be a log of things that are inspiring me. It might be an object, a piece of art, a beautifully styled and photographed room, or really whatever suits my fancy. With any luck husbandman may take a few hints from this list and it will serve him well for holidays, anniversaries and birthdays.

So without further ado, and after way too many words, the first instalment…

white hippo (A + R Store)


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