The day the earth didn’t stand still

Yesterday I was sitting in my office just finishing up a late lunch when all of a sudden I thought it felt like my desk was moving. It also looked like the view from my window was changing even though I was being still. At first I thought there was some major construction going on that was shaking the building — there’s always construction on campus and there’s a construction site not far from my office, actually.

But after a split second I realized that wasn’t the case. The earth was moving. An EARTHQUAKE! I immediately went to the best news source, twitter, and asked if anyone else had felt it. The internet confirmed it. Yup. It was an earthquake. (Please note – it did not even occur to me to take cover. Oops!)

I haven’t felt an earthquake since I was just little, maybe 6 or 7? I remember the photos on the wall shaking behind the bar in the house at 1417. I don’t remember the magnitude of that one, but I have a clear memory of that earthquake. This one was deemed a 5.0 on the richter scale. Relatively harmless, but big for around here.

Here’s what the Globe and Mail has to say.

That was our little bit of excitement yesterday. We’re all fine.

PS: So glad England won!


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