So we’ll all know where the cheese guy at the farmer’s market stands

written August 12, 2010

Hi Peanut,

You’re still mostly a secret. Only some very special people know that you’re about to join us. Well… there are some other people who know about you too, but you’ll probably never meet them. In fact, even I’ll probably never see them again. It’s been a strange experience trying to keep you a secret for a little while, and also being able to tell total strangers about you. It’s both guilt-inducing and freeing all at the same time.

So here’s a list of random people who know about you. Our friends and family may be jealous when they read this, but they have no reason to be. They should already know they are not as important as the cheese guy at the farmer’s market.

  • The register guy at William’s from when I asked him if the feta cheese was pasteurized.
  • The young sales girl working in women’s lingerie at The Bay from when I had to buy a new, more comfortable bra because you are causing me to bust out of the ones I have.
  • The nice sales lady at Chapter’s working in the children’s book section (and the other nice lady who was shopping there). They both reassured me that my morning sickness would pass.
  • A bunch of random, mostly elderly, people in the lab waiting room when I was waiting to have my blood taken.
  • The guy selling cheese at the farmer’s market in Waterloo. I also asked him about pasteurization.

It didn’t seem to matter though that we’ll probably never cross paths again – all of them were very excited to hear about you.


One thought on “So we’ll all know where the cheese guy at the farmer’s market stands

  1. They may have been excited but NOT as excited as we were to know you were going to join us. We are not jealous that others know…. we have been telling anyone who will listen that we are going to be Grandparents.

    This is a wonderful new chapter that we are all writing together!

    Love and hugs for everyone!

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