A jumping off point

I stumbled upon this really neat poster idea from Postertext. The poster includes all the text of a novel or book with an iconic image from the story reversed out of the text. You may be able to guess this is Peter Pan. I think it’s a great jumping off point for decor for our nursery. What a great way to “display” literature and add a touch of whimsy to a child’s room. I’m also partial to their Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland poster.

Their website mentions that you can suggest other books to them and they may add it to their queue. I think I just might have to request Charlotte’s Web but also suggest that a large image of a spider might not fit my vision for the room.

Editor’s note: Hey everybody! I’m glad you’ve come to check out my blog (presumably via the link I posted as a comment on Sherry’s pin). I hope you’ll keep reading and stick around. Thanks for stopping by! You may also like: Nursery Finale, and The Final Round-up


4 thoughts on “A jumping off point

  1. Nor Grandma Miriam’s ! I think she would run shrieking if arachnids were involved . Alice or Peter sound suitably off the beaten track of banality found in most in nurseries. I should think a Mary Poppins theme would give lots of scope for artwork also.

  2. I think it is a really neat idea for decorating; I would put forward votes for the velveteen rabbit or Pinocchio, emphasizing of course the finishing touch is the human touch!

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