Bad habit

It all started with a bad habit of mine. From time to time I like to surf MLS and browse our neighbourhood to snoop compare what’s available, and browse the “dream” streets to imagine what life might be like on the beautiful tree-lined streets of Westmount, or how great cooking would be in a gorgeous brand new kitchen. If only I had thee-quarters of a million dollars!

One day, waaaaay back in April I saw this stunner:

Doesn’t it just look like something out of a magazine? It actually reminds me of the 7th Heaven house. It was gorgeous inside and out. The photos showed a completely renovated home, with upgraded finishes, and best of all it had a DRESSING ROOM! To top it off, the price seemed within our reach, and it wasn’t far (about 2 kms) from where we currently lived. Maybe too good to be true?

After sending along the link to the listing, I convinced husbandman to do a drive-by after work one night. The lot and location didn’t disappoint. So, we called our amazing agent to find out more about the house.

It was too good to be true. The  house already had an offer on it and the sellers didn’t want to let anyone else through to see it.

And that’s how the house hunt was started.

As you know we did eventually find another house to fall in love with — 5 months later. Finding your second house is hard, yo.

It was worth the wait. Check out this kitchen.


2 thoughts on “Bad habit

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