Experimenting in bed

It’s okay Dad, you can keep reading.

I’ve been sharing the bed with someone else. Okay, not someone else but something else is sharing our bed. I bought a body pillow.

The pillow is supposed to reduce pressure and keep my hips square while I sleep on my (Dr. recommended) left side.

We’ve been referring to our new bedfellow as Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. has visited me more than once in my dreams wearing his Iron Man suit and somehow the name stuck. I must admit, I’m not a big fan of the body pillow it just takes up space in the bed, and I’m not convinced it’s doing anything to ease any aches or pains.

When I was around 20 weeks pregnant my doctor recommended I start sleeping on my left side (enter the body pillow). I also sleep on the left side of our bed. This means that Iron Man sleeps between me and husbandman. This presented a problem. NO SNUGGLING!

We decided that we could keep Iron Man and still be able to snuggle a little if we changed up our regular “sides” of the bed. So, we did a little experiment. For three nights we switched sides. Let me tell you – I didn’t like it! Of course, husbandman looved sleeping on my side of the bed. Of course he did! It’s the best side! I don’t know what it is about his side of the bed, but it just doesn’t do it for me. So we’re back to our original positions.

Since the experiment I’ve slept much better overall, and I’m told Iron Man saved husbandman from a beating during a wild dream I was having.

I guess we’ll stick it out until the end or until I get too big to have me, baby, Iron Man and husbandman all in the same bed. We all know who’ll have to go then… husbandman.



3 thoughts on “Experimenting in bed

  1. My body pillow has brought comfort to my neck also it has brought me mental comfort since my husband leaves for work 2 weeks at a time.

  2. Hey Karlie,

    Glad the body pillow works for you. I ended up swapping it out for just a regular pillow between my knees late in the pregnancy. It was nice to have something to snuggle for a while, though, so I can see how it would bring comfort to you in a half-occupied bed.

    How’s the pregnancy going?


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