Here are the long-awaited pictures of our new house.

This is the house that we just knew was going to be ours. As you already know we spent many months searching for THE ONE (read about some of the contenders here, and some of the misadventures here) but when we saw this one I think we both knew pretty quickly that we wanted to put an offer on it, and we probably needed to act fast.

Throughout the search process we’d been receiving what we called the “magic emails” that would show us new houses on the market that met our criteria. We are lucky to have a local real estate board that provides this service to clients working with realtors. The magic emails let you see listings that come up even before they are posted on MLS, giving you an edge over others not working with a realtor. The best part is you can customize your criteria, right down to what neighbourhoods you want to include.

So when this house came up, the description alone told us that we needed to see it quickly. We were again lucky to get a viewing that very night. We were the only couple to go through the house on the night it was listed. This gave us an advantage. We were ready with our offer the next day and presented that evening at 9 o’clock. On day 2, two other couples had been through the house earlier that evening, and the feedback was positive. Which makes the next part of the story of how we got THE ONE all the more amazing.

We knew that since we were ready to make an offer so soon after the house was listed we couldn’t fool around too much with our conditions and pricing. We asked for a home inspection, a longer closing than the sellers wanted (they wanted a 30 day closing), and that the sale be conditional on the sale of our current house. We also offered $10, 000 less than asking price, since based on the home’s assessed value, the list price was a bit high for the neighbourhood and the KW market in general.

To our surprise they decided to sign back our offer to us that night and only wanted to negotiate a little on price. We met half way and the deal was done over the phone.

Here are the real estate photos of our 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom sidesplit on a quiet court. (These are the photos of THEIR stuff). Our place looks nowhere near this furnished or “put together” yet. Isn’t she pretty?

View from the Foyer

View of the Foyer

Living room

Dining Room


Family room (or as husbandman calls it – “the downstairs living room”)

View of Family Room with view of doors to the deck

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Ensuite (including the Star Trek shower)

Bedroom 1 (the future nursery)

Bedroom 2 – The guest room

Family bath (on bedroom level)

Laundry room (Same level as the Family Room)

Rec room (or as husbandman calls it – “the down, downstairs living room”)

Office space in the Rec Room

Bathroom (on Rec Room level)

View of the deck and backyard

Oh and did I mention that our yard backs onto a park? IT DOES!

So you can see why we fell in love with this place. It is really well-maintained, has lots of character, and still lots of room for us to make it our own – not to mention just lots of room!

Our road to owning this home wasn’t as smooth as sign on the line. In the days following our offer, the owners continued to show the house and received two more offers. So while we were scrambling to get our house looking market-ready, so we could sell quickly and waive our conditions, the house was still receiving offers. By some miracle (read: because of our amazing agent) the previous owners really liked us as buyers and wanted to give us a chance to sell our house, so they turned down the new offers they’d received.

One of those offers didn’t want to give up, though and came back with an offer that was too good to refuse. So just 4 days after we signed our offer we were given 24 hours notice to waive our conditions, or we’d lose the house.

After sleeping on it, we decided to bite the bullet, and trust that we really do have the best agent in KW and that we could sell our house before closing and waive all of our conditions. Eeeek! It’s an understatement to say it was a nerve-wracking decision… for a pregnant lady no less!

Together with our agent we came up with a price that we thought would be competitive but would still generate lots of interest and make for a quick sale and hopefully a bidding war. It worked. Our house was sold firm in less than 2 weeks from listing. And that’s the story of how we found and bought THE ONE.


I’ve got lots of plans for this house, starting with the nursery. So keep reading to see how we’re making THE ONE just feel like home.


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