You name it

Baby, baby, bo-baby,

Banana Fana fo-faby,

Me, My, Mo, Maby.


We’re playing the baby name game around here. We are having some trouble deciding on baby names. And when I say some trouble I mean, if we have a boy we will likely be those parents who don’t have a name for their baby for days after they take them home from the hospital.

You name it, (pun intended) and we’ve bantered it about.






…the list goes on and on but we can’t come up with a name we agree on. Part of our problem is that neither of us can even find boy names that we individually really love. It’s hard to fight for “Sean” or “Seamus” when you don’t REALLY love them anyway.

We do both like “traditional” names like Matthew, David, Michael, Andrew, Ryan etc. The trouble is that all of those names belong to either close friends or relatives, or both.

We’re at a bit of a stale mate. How should we get out of this name rut?

Hope for a girl?


One thought on “You name it

  1. Boy names are hard. And you’re not the first to say that. I think we have our boy name figured out and we chose the middle name first. We like this name because it can be shortened into something the is a fitting teenager name, and sounds good with the middle and last names. It’s definitely a traditional name.

    If you do end up with a boy PLEASE don’t have them nameless!!

    Let me think… Johnathan O’Leary, Jacob O’Leary… yeah apparently I like J names for you guys!

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