Baby’s first act of disobedience

As of today I’m 36 weeks pregnant. As of today our baby still has his or her head up by my ribs instead of having his or her head down near my hoo-haw getting ready for birth.

A stubborn baby? Must get that from me.

Most babies have turned by this point in pregnancy. Only about 3% of babies are breech at this point. According to my mom I didn’t turn until very near my arrival date. Nevertheless, the situation is causing me a bit of concern. At our last appointment with the OB at 36 weeks pregnant we needed to have decided what we want to do about trying some intervention ie: coaxing this baby to turn it’s head around or not. Our options were, schedule an “version” or just skip the version and schedule a c-section.

A version is an external technique performed at the hospital by my OB in week 37. Basically I’ll be laying on a bed at the hospital, and the doctor will try to push on me and the baby and literally push the baby into the right position. What’s working in our favour according to the doc is that the baby is a good size (ie: not too big) to be able to perform this procedure. What’s working against us is that I’ve got a very tight stomach since it’s my first pregnancy. (I’ve got the rock-hard abs I always wanted – just the wrong shape.) Also our baby is in full pike position – both the head and feet are up by my ribs. The OB has given us about 15% chance that the procedure will work.

We opted for the version, since I’m sure I’ll always wonder “what if…?” if we don’t at least give it a try.

The version is scheduled for Thursday. We’ll be in the hospital for the procedure in case of very unlikely events that put the baby in distress and an emergency c-section is required. Very unlikely but we’re still planning to put the car seat in the car by Thursday just in case we get to meet our baby that day.

In the meantime I’ve been trying to do what I can to convince the baby to turn on it’s own. Twice a day I’ve been hanging upside down, sort of, with my knees and feet on the bed or couch and my arms supporting me on the floor so that I’m on an incline. I’m also considering trying acupuncture and anything else that doesn’t have risks of harming me or baby but could help turn this baby on it’s head.

Wish us luck!


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