Long live the future King and Queen

The wedding of the century took place on Friday. I was actually awake around the time that Wills and Kate were saying their I dos even though it was around 5 am our time. Harrison wanted to get up and eat, so he and I were spending quality time while Kate the commoner was becoming a princess. What an amazing Fairy Tale. She gets to marry her high school sweetheart, best friend, and Prince Charming! Anyway, you know how I love weddings, so I wasn’t going to miss it just because I wanted to sleep.

I tried to host a wedding viewing party, but it turned out that everyone had plans. Luckily Amy and Stu were in town for a real wedding and I got to make my wedding brunch and watch the historic nuptials with someone who was just as excited about it as I was – Amy! Both of us managed to have not seen Kate’s dress until Saturday morning when we watched the wedding on record from the PVR.

Here’s some photos from our British-inspired brunch before the viewing.

On the menu: Cucumber sandwiches, shworties, scrambled eggs, bacon, croissants, pot of berries, Earl Grey tea, and of course, what wedding would be complete without a cake?

I found the cute gold foil wrappers at Canadian Tire of all places. I thought they suited the occasion just perfectly. And I almost forgot… we had champagne too. Naturally, we had to make a toast to the happy couple.

My plate looks so delicious!

I even broke out our china for the occasion. The first time no less. I think it was the perfect way to christen our fancy dishes!


3 thoughts on “Long live the future King and Queen

  1. looks scrumptuous, Nan had her wedding breakfast at 3.30ish I actually slept in the family room on the couch so I could see it when I woke up. It was absolutely lovely. Happy mother’s day sweetie, can’t wait to see you all. btw I ate takeout breakfast from Mcd’s. lazy me!

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