Two months

And now for a fully biased account of your second month of life.

Dear Harrison,

You are AWESOME!

Your second month seems to have gone by just as quickly as the first. You’re getting so big. I say that, but you’re like some kind of optical illusion. When I look at you I think about how big you’ve gotten. But when I see someone else holding you I realize just how small you still are. How do you do that?

I’m sad to report that April stayed true to the saying and brought mostly showers and not much sunshine. There were a handful of days that were sunny and we fully took advantage of them by getting outside and going for walks, or just getting out of the house in general so I could run errands. You’re such a great sport. I can take you anywhere. And you attract the over 70 set like an early bird special. Many of them have offered to take you home. Don’t worry, I only ponder it for a second just to make them feel awkward for asking.

You are changing in so many ways. It seems like every other day you’re doing something new. It’s like you take it all in one day, then try out your new trick the next. On the third day you rest.

You like playing peek-a-boo. You’re smiling a lot more. You are starting to hold on when being held, and you’re getting much better at getting your thumb in your mouth. You love your thumb.

Just recently you’ve started drooling and blowing bubbles. This is actually a developmental milestone. Who knew?

You make the cutest noises and are starting to “talk” a lot more. I really wish I knew what you wanted to say. You often look like you’ve solved the world’s mysteries, if only you could tell us. You are clearly the smartest kid on the planet.

You’re still sleeping well and are often sleeping through the night. Again, thank you for that.

You’re crying real tears. Usually just one big one from one eye or the other. Maybe you’re sad that you’re losing all your newborn hair. You’ve gone bald. I hate to break it to you kid, but if you get your dad’s hairline this won’t be the first time you go bald.

We celebrated your first Easter! Easter Saturday was beautiful and we took you on your first trip to the farmer’s market in St. Jacob’s. We met Erik and Naarah there, and we all got to meet your friend Layna who is only 6 days older than you. It’s going to be so great to see you guys grow up together!

We also left you with your first babysitter. While your dad and I went to a concert, Aunt Courtney and Uncle Dan made sure you didn’t get into trouble. We’re told that you were really good for them.

You’re changing so quickly I can’t wait to see what May will bring. We’re going to meet your Grandma Sager and Great Grandma Sager and Great Grandma Ayotte and Great Great Grandma Foster. Wow! That’s a lot of women looking forward to spoiling meeting you.

And I almost forgot to mention that this month you recognized ME in the mirror. You made my heart melt!




One thought on “Two months

  1. My heart swells when I read these posts. What a wonderful idea. He is so lucky to have you two as parents and he will treasure these writings as he gets older. So will you because as you age and you will memory gets pushed back sometimes. Keep on writing. Love Grandma

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