Catching up

May was a busy month for us, with zero weekends when we didn’t have plans. I was happy for all the visits and celebrations, but I’m glad that our weekends are looking a lot more open in June.

Thought I’d post a quick update of our month.

I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. Even though I was a bit under the weather fighting a cold, I had a wonderful day. Husbandman made me an awesome breakfast including crepes! And Harrison (and Daddy) got me Tina Fey’s book (which I have since read in it’s entirety  – reading many parts aloud to Rolly), and iPhoto and iMovie. One day I’ll learn to use them and then Anne Geddes and Steven Spielberg better watch out!

Our trip to Halifax was short but very sweet. Introducing Harrison to his paternal grandmother, great-grandmothers, and great-great grandmother was a real treat!

Five Generations

(Sidenote: I bet iPhoto can fix this photo and sharpen it up a little. – I’ll get on that). Harrison’s first trips on an airplane were great. He didn’t fuss at all, and WestJet was great to us. I love flying out of Hamilton airport.

We celebrated Laura’s birthday in Collingwood at a rental house. Lots of people turned up and we had a great time. I only managed to snag this pic the entire weekend. Guess that’s a sign that I was having too much fun to be snapping pictures.

And Harry and I also took the train this month and visited with my mom who was back in Canada for a short trip. Harrison got to see all his grandmas in one week! A rare but happy event that I doubt will happen again soon. (But I hope it will).


The weather has finally started to turn dryer so I’m looking forward to getting outside, and doing some projects around the house.


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