Harrison had his first swimming lesson this week. As we waited for the instructor I thought he might be the only boy in the class of about 12, but one late arrival made him have to share the attention of all the girls.

I wasn’t quite sure how he’d handle the cooler water or being so immersed, but he loved it just like he loves his bath time. We sang some songs, and practiced going in the water off the ledge of the pool. Then we hit up the warm pool for some play time, but all Harrison wanted to do was suck his thumbs. Oh well… maybe next time! And before we left he even went under twice. First time was a breeze although a lot of blinking ensued. Second time he wasn’t quite sure what had happened and was maybe a little scared. I think he tried to breathe at the wrong time, but he didn’t seem to be too bothered by the second dunk either. We go back today for our second lesson.

Here he is looking very cool and ready to go in his new swim diaper. I hope he comes to love the water and swimming like I did.

“They” are forecasting a very hot summer, so I’m glad he’s enjoying the water. We might have to get him one of those little pools for our deck for the days when we don’t have swimming lessons.




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