Three months

Dear Harrison,

This newsletter could also be called “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” because this month you were a travelling man baby. This month you had your first (and second) airplane ride, and rode the train for the first (and second) time.

Your dad and I took you out to the east coast to smell the ocean air and introduce you to the better part of your dad’s extended family. You were such a trooper and put up with all the hoops we had to jump through for the flights. You didn’t seem to mind the ride to the airport, the extended periods in the car seat, the multiple removals from the car seat, or the cramped quarters on the plane. You didn’t even complain about the airplane food.

The trip was short but we had so much fun watching you spend time with all the ‘mas who love you in Nova Scotia. They of course wish you could be out there permanently, so you compromised and gave lots of cuddles so they could store them up for when you’re not around.

You had your first giggle in Nova Scotia. Your dad and I have been trying to capture another giggle on video ever since. We can get you laughing but by the time we get the camera (phone) out you’re either bored with whatever it was we were doing to make you laugh, or you’re more interested in the device we have shoved in your face.

The hair that had fallen out last month is happily growing back in. You’ve got a widow’s peak just like your dad, and an adorable cowlick right at the front. I’m hoping it won’t cause you too much grief in your teens, but for now it’s super cute. For all the hair you’ve gained in the front, you’ve lost it in the back. You’ve got a big round bald spot on the back of your head from being so curious and looking around and turning your head from side to side.

You’ve grown out of most of your newborn size pyjamas and clothes. Your grandma gave me grief about how you were stretching your jam-jams when we visited her. I tried to tell her that you grow so fast that the last time you wore them they still fit. How am I supposed to know they wouldn’t fit this time?!

You’re reaching out and grasping and swatting at toys. You’ve found both your hands and spend some time staring at them, clasping them together, and putting them in your mouth trying to figure them out. You also found your feet. I caught you staring intently at your foot one day while I was holding you. Your look was incredulous, like you couldn’t believe it had been attached to you this whole time!

You’re “talking” a lot more and making new noises all the time. You started rolling your Rs some times. I hope this means you’ll have no trouble learning and speaking French. And speaking of rolling you can roll from your back onto your left side. You haven’t ventured rolling the other way or all the way over. That darn arm is always in your way.

You had a couple more firsts this month including your first trip to the movie theatre, and your first ultimate game. You slept, and then about 5 minutes into the game the heavens opened up and I had to take you to the shelter of the car. We’ll try again soon. You’re gonna love that game.

You and I capped off the month with a train ride to Cornwall to visit Grandma C for a long weekend. I was a bit worried about the trip because it’s such a long ride, but once again you were a great travel companion. I’m so glad we had that little adventure together.

Looking forward to many more adventures with you.




One thought on “Three months

  1. Thank you, Heather, for keeping us in Harrison’s life. This will be such a treasure for him later on. Love Grandma

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