More nursery progress

Harrison is coming up on four months old and the nursery still isn’t finished. Can I claim that it’s like all things in a well-loved home where rooms are never truly finished? No? Well how about he arrived a day before his due date, but about a week before I truly expected him!

Anywho we have made some changes and updates since I last posted pictures of his room way back here, not the least of which was welcoming our peanut.

My previous list included:

~ Art and shelves for the walls. Including deciding on where to put what.

~ I’m going to attempt a DIY mobile.

~ Finding a solution for a small side table for the rocking chair.

~ The elephant hamper is yet to arrive. It wasn’t practical to have my brother ship it to me. Next person to visit from “home” will bring it for us.

We hung the postertext artwork above the crib and above the rocking chair. We found new frames from the ones seen in the previous pictures. I originally found frames at Michael’s but I couldn’t find matching frames for the two different sizes of poster, which resulted in a weird side-matting effect on the Peter Pan poster that I wasn’t digging. It was pure luck that I found matching frames in the correct dimensions on an unrelated trip to Home Outfitters. I think they were even cheaper than the ones I found at Michael’s. Score!

(click any photo to enlarge)

I had originally wanted to hang a couple floating shelves from Ikea that we had from our apartment days, but when we tried the very scientific approach of holding-them-up-on-the-wall-and-standing-back-to-check we decided that they were really too long to hang above the change pad, and might just cause problems safety-wise if we couldn’t screw them into a stud and/or secure the items on the shelves. We have cats after all.

As a solution for more display and storage in the room we opted to buy another matching Expedit 2×4 shelving unit and stand it vertically. Luckily husbandman was passing by an Ikea on the way home from a work trip and was able to bring it home. Unfortunately we do lose two of the storage squares, but I may stash some “good to have nearby but not display worthy” items in there. The expedit that we have lengthwise is easy to move around on the carpet, so I’ll have easy access to the “hidden” cubbies.

I decided that another way to add art in the room would be to get some inexpensive frames and frame some photos, some DIY art, and maybe even just some interesting scrapbook paper. You can see a glimpse of them leaning up against the upright Expedit waiting to be hung.

I’ve mapped out a plan of where the frames I bought will go by using some newsprint cut to size. That wall has been like that for a shamefully long time. And let me stop you before you say it (you talk to your computer, right?) the photo I took was crooked, the paper isn’t crooked on the wall.

I also mounted a clock that I originally had in my office at work. I’m on the second battery already, and the clock is currently stopped because I haven’t had time am too lazy to change the batteries. I also hung the great calendar that my friend Kelly gave me. I love it and try to keep it up-to-date. It comes with these great stickers to mark major (and sometimes minor) milestones. I know it’ll be a great keepsake of Harry’s first year.

You can also see the elephant hamper in the picture. I love him!

I haven’t gotten around to the DIY mobile, but I do have all the supplies. I’ll make it a rainy day project (I hope).

So far I haven’t needed a side table for the rocking chair either. The wide arms of the chair aren’t bad for placing the odd item or a book. If I see something perfect at the perfect price I may take it home with me, but for now, there’s no urgent need for a side table.

Other things we’ve added are the wet bag for cloth diapers (seen hanging behind the door above), and a little garbage bin for the odd disposable wipes and diapers we use. We’ve also added a nice bolster cushion for the rocking chair which is great for my back. I also picked up a few accent cushions which currently live in the crib with some stuffies while Harrison is still sleeping in our room. When he moves into his room for sleeping and takes over the crib the cushions will be great floor cushions for propping up or sitting on.

I think hanging the frames will go a long way to help make the room look finished. And I have one more idea up my sleeve. I may even DIY it.  Whatever I decide I will let you  know.


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