Half a year

Today marks six whole months in our new house. This would be a more interesting update if we had lots of before and afters to share of how we’ve made this place our own.

It definitely feels like home and having Harry here certainly makes it feel like our special family place, but the walls don’t fully reflect our personality yet. You know the shallow “stuff” of the house doesn’t really scream us.

So far we’ve tried to make Harrison’s room into a special place for him but we haven’t got much further than that in the way of decorating. We haven’t even hung anything on the walls yet… except the new tv in the basement.

We I have lots of plans for our place inside and out. I’ll be trying to tick projects off the list as I get time. I hope that Harry will start taking longer and more predictable naps so I can plan some small projects around the napping. Starting with changing the paint colour in the kitchen.

The whole house is so green! Our kitchen has had paint swatches up on the walls for a few weeks now. I think I’ve narrowed it down to three. I’d like to get test pots of each colour and test-drive them before making the final decision.

Stay tuned. Changes to come!


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