Green, green go away

The other day I went out and picked up some paint test pots for colour choices for the kitchen, and for the past few days we’ve been living with test swatches that I slapped up while the peanut was having a nap.

The whole idea of changing the colour in the kitchen came to be because I love the colour that our friends have in their kitchen. I love how the colour looks a bit grey sometimes, brown at other times, and is just warm and inviting all the time. So I borrowed her Benjamin Moore paint deck, and got the name of the actual colour she used – Para Paints Digital. I picked up a few paint chips on my own as well.

Our kitchen looked like this for an embarrassingly long time:

The picture above doesn’t showcase how green the current colour really is.

Here’s what it looks like when you know what you’re doing with a digital camera. (This was one of the real estate photos used to sell the house).

This is what our kitchen looks like today:

Why yes, those are dishes drying and in the sink. I was in the middle of doing the dishes when the mood to snap these pics struck me. I’ll call it multi-tasking. The dishes were soaking while Harrison was sleeping, and I was prepping a blog post. Just keepin’ it real. I would’ve turned all the under-cabinet lights on, but they’re all out. Yup… all of ’em. But that’s a story for another day.

Anywho… after looking at all the colours in different lights, and comparing them all to each other we narrowed it down to three choices: BM Stone Hearth and Ranchwood, and Para Paints Simmering Pots. We ended up not choosing Digital because it’s a bit dark for our space. My inspiration kitchen has bright white cabinetry and gets more sun than ours does. In the end we decided that the darker colour would be too dark for our kitchen. I’ll keep Digital in mind for another space since I’m still rather fond of it. Maybe I’ll use it in the dining room, or perhaps the laundry room.

Once we had picked our three faves I moved the swatches to a different spot in the kitchen to try to “enjoy” them closer to the cabinetry. The kitchen was renovated recently, and we like the way it looks so we’re definitely not considering making any major changes to the kitchen, just a little facelift to make it ours. I moved the swatches to make sure that the paint colour would play nice with our must-stay cabinetry.

Our swatches then looked like this:

Ooooh. Ahhhhh. (You can better see in this photo the current green colour of the kitchen).

The three colours are the bottom two on the triple swatch and the large separate chip. Ranchwood in the middle, and Stone Hearth on the bottom.

When I went to get test pots, the clerk informed me that I couldn’t get Simmering Pots in a test pot because they don’t provide the formula for such a small amount. It turned out for the best, since after further inspection Simmering Pots had a green undertone and that’s exactly the colour we’re trying to get away from.

With two test pots in hand, I took the plunge and slapped up some paint. I am optimistic that I won’t live with our kitchen this way for as long as I lived with the taped up paint chips.

Before the paint can was open I was betting that I’d like Stone Hearth best. It’s creamy and warm. The tiny little splotch of Ranchwood on top of the paint can wasn’t floating my boat.

My first reaction once they were up was that I liked Ranchwood best, since it looked colourful and a more significant change from the green. But I’m warming up to Stone Hearth. It’s light and airy and has a great tone to it. In certain lights it looks creamy beige, and it other lights it looks a bit grey.

As I write this I’m feeling ambitious. I may even knock this one out this weekend. It’s not much wall after all.


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