Four months


You had such a big month! You ventured into the world of mobility by rolling from your tummy to your back for the first time. You’ve been rolling ever since.

We started our swimming lessons this month. You love the time in the pool. You’re not too interested in the play time in the warm pool at the end of the lesson and prefer to suck your thumb and relax instead. You must get that from me.

Your hair continues to grow in and your hairline is the topic of much discussion. It’s growing in long and straight in the middle and your hairline makes it look like you’re rocking a little baby mohawk. Many people have told me how much they like your haircut, as though I was styling it that way. I do want you to look good, but I wouldn’t go so far as to cut your teeny amount of hair. You can thank me later.

You’re still sleeping well and when you wake up in the morning you’re super chatty. Your dad and I call this getting the morning news report. You don’t cry when you wake up, you just lay in the bassinet and tell us all about your dreams, or maybe your plans for the day? Either way it’s adorable and a great way to start my day.

We celebrated Daddy’s first Father’s Day. You were in a great mood and we had a special day as a family.

Near the end of the month we saw the doctor and you weighed in much below the normal for boys at four months old. The doctor isn’t worried about you, because you’re healthy and nourished, but he suggested that we start feeding you cereals. Your four-month birthday present from me will be that you get to try the taste of oat cereal for the first time. I hope you’ll like ’em and that they’ll plump you up a little.

But don’t get big too fast.





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