Five months


I’m finally getting to write to you about your fifth month. It was a busy one for the whole family. You made so many big changes in July. Luckily I keep a notepad where I jot down the new things you do, or experience so that even when I am 16 days late on the newsletter (sorry about that!) I can still remember all the great moments we had throughout the month. Actually, it’s neat for me to see that I wrote, “almost rolling from back to front” and then you did! I like to think it was your anniversary present to us since you performed your trick for the first time on our third wedding anniversary.

You were so determined to roll on your tummy. You would even grab your shirt or jammies and try to pull yourself over. For a while you’d roll to your side and reach for something and then just roll back as if to say, “I’ll get that later”. I wasn’t sure what was going to motivate you to roll all the way over, but your plushy peanut did the trick.

I mentioned last month that you were going to get a “present” for your four-month birthday. We celebrated Canada Day with a breakfast and dinner of oatmeal cereal. You LOVED them! You gave us a look like you wanted to ask why we’ve been keeping these delicious grains from you. You also tried whole grain rice, barley, mashed avocado and chicken puree this month. You didn’t like the avocado one bit. That was probably my fault because I didn’t mix it with anything you’d tried before. And although you will come to learn that avocado is super-delicious, I’ll grant that it was much more bitter than anything you’d ever tasted before. Late in July we tried chicken puree with rice cereal and milk but you didn’t think that was to your liking either. We’ll try those again in August.

We finished up our swimming lessons and you passed with flying colours! You even got your first report card. We are so proud! You continue to love the water and bath time. You’ve outgrown the kitchen sink and graduated to the big tub. You also took a few dips in backyard pools while were in Cornwall “on vacation”. The weather was unusually hot (even for July in Canada) so a few dips in the pool were the perfect way to cool off.

We celebrated Uncle Stu and Aunt Amy’s wedding and despite the stifling heat and being passed around to all your admirers like a hot potato you were sooooo good. People will tell tales of how good you were at Stu’s wedding. You were dressed up in a cute little outfit, but I didn’t get to put you in the hat I bought for you because that would’ve just been mean.

While we were in Cornwall you got a nice long visit in with Grandma and Grandpa Cruickshank. Grandpa was determined to get you to crawl during our visit, but I suggested that getting you to sit on your own would be a more realistic goal (not to mention I selfishly don’t want you crawling yet). I told grandpa that if he got you to crawl, he’d be paying for the baby gates! So he took up the challenge of teaching you to sit on your own. This resulted in at least one couch face-plant that I saw. I guess grandpa was trying to employ the “tough love” approach to learning to sit. Now your balance is getting much better and you can sit up for a few moments at a time.

On top of everything else that happened in July you started teething. You are sucking not just your thumb but as many fingers and toes as you can fit in your mouth. You’re sucking your bottom lip and making the cutest fishy face. You are drooling like a maniac and even though you continue to be a happy baby by most standards you are a little bit more fussy than your usual self. By the end of the month I could see a little white cap coming up on the bottom right side of your mouth. Who knows when it’ll show up?!

At the end of the month by a strange twist of fate and aligning of stars you saw all three of your grandmothers again within 24 hours. What a lucky boy! So much love!

I’m sure August will bring more accomplishments and events (in fact I have the luxury of writing this half way through August so I know there is more to share). You’re learning new things so rapidly that I know the next few months are going to be so exciting and you’ll change by leaps and bounds. Can’t wait to jump right in with you!




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