Nursery finale

Harrison is almost six months old and almost ready for the move into his own room and I’ve finished it just in time for his first night’s sleep. I’m actually writing this post while he is enjoying an epic nap in the crib.

We’ve been “practising” in the crib for naps during the day in preparation for the big move to night time sleeps in his own room. This has resulted in me moving the monitor from room to room every day, but he’s sleeping so well in the crib that I’m confident the permanent move to his own room will be sooner than later.

If you need a reminder, here’s what it started like.

You can also see our ideas and plans, and progress here and here.

And here’s what it looks like today.

 the gallery wall with photos of baby animals

tons of storage

the crib close up

And now for some photos that make me smile.

the H from grandma and grandpa “O”



4 thoughts on “Nursery finale

  1. Heather, it looks really amazing! I love it! I also can’t believe that Harry still sleeps in your room – I guess since he’s such a good sleeper, you guys can manage it!

    Congrats on a gorgeous baby room, and on the upcoming “move” for Harry!

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