8 days of Harrison

This past week husbandman has been away. First to Vegas for a weekend bachelor party, then straight from there to San Francisco for a week for work. Needless to say I’m exhausted and missed him very much. I didn’t realize how empty the house would feel without him. I’m looking forward to getting our little family back together for some quality time.

Since he was away and going to be missing Harrison every day I snapped a picture (or hundred) each day so that he really wouldn’t miss a thing! This one’s for you husbandman. xo

We had a great day on Friday. We mostly stuck around the house. Harrison practiced scooting around on the floor and that tired him out. He had two really long naps so he also got to have a late bed time.


Saturday was a beautiful, warm dry day at home. After doing a bit of shopping in the early morning to beat the crowds we had lots of outdoor play time.


Sunday was a pretty gloomy day and we mostly stuck around the house in our pjs and had lots of cuddle time. In the late afternoon the skies cleared up and I couldn’t resist taking advantage of the good – though somewhat cool compared to what we’ve had – weather. We took to the nearby trails for a long walk.


And I couldn’t pick just one photo from Sunday. All that fresh air put him in good spirits and tuckered him out and he had a short stint of pre-bed play time.

Monday morning started with a very happy discovery – Bananas! That’s a much happier face than when he tried chicken. We had another beautiful day and we popped into Chapters for a tour of the kids section and of course a hot drink from Starbucks for me. And those bananas gave him all the energy he needed to chase after the cats. He’ll catch them one day!


Tuesday was a pretty slow day, but I must’ve known that athletics were on the menu for the day because I dressed him in his Fulham uniform while you took in the Giants game. Harrison hasn’t quite figured out the benefits of sitting up, and continues to use the boppy as a pillow to slouch on instead of a security blanket for practice-sitting.


Wednesday marked our visit to the doctor’s office for our 6-month immunizations. But much happier times were had when we visited with the Hamill’s. We went out for a walk and were invited to stay for dinner. Thanks to Dale who took a few snaps of the kiddos before we headed home for bedtime.


Thursday we celebrated Harrison turning 6 months old with a little “half-birthday” party. All the kiddos didn’t seem to mind the party hats. How cute is that?!


On Friday we had a surprise visit from Marie. And look what she came riding in on! Harrison is a bit small for the seat yet, but he does fit quite nicely in the luggage compartment.

We missed you so much, and we’re very glad you’re back home.



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