Harrison’s half-birthday

Harrison hit his six-month mark aka his half-birthday on September 1st so I thought we’d celebrate this mini milestone.

I sent an invitation to a few friends on Harrison’s behalf.

Please come play with me. We’ll “half” lots of fun, at half the day on my half-birthday. 
Hope to see you,
A few friends came over and I served half sandwiches for lunch. I decorated a little to make the place look festive. I blew up a few balloons and slightly altered a Happy Birthday banner.
The kiddos played indoors because the weather was crappy and then we did what all good parents do. We took adorable/embarrassing pictures that we can show at their weddings some day.
Here’s the half-birthday boy looking spiffy with aunt Megan.
And a few pretty happy party-goers (none of whom minded wearing the party hats)
And to top it off I made a cake. You could call me Martha Stewart but you haven’t seen the cake yet. I decided to make a half-cake for the half-birthday celebration and I wanted to incorporate peanuts somehow in honour of our little peanut. Here’s how it turned out.
And now you see why you won’t be seeing me on Cake Boss any time soon. It was ugly but tasted delicious! It’s a double-layer chocolate cake with peanut frosting between the layers and all around the outside. The icing says “Hap Birth”. You can see the cake splitting because it was so moist. The frosting was also super gooey and delicious and was kinda melting off the cake. I guess I could’ve had worse problems with the cake. Of course, the kids are too small to eat any cake so the mommy’s had to eat it all. Darn.
It was a nice way to celebrate how far our little peanut has come in just a few short months.
Happy half-birthday Harrison!

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