This is what our carseat looked like last Friday when I had to take it apart.

Why did I have to dismantle our carseat? On our way to our friend’s wedding rehearsal we noticed how happy Harrison was in the back seat. He was squealing away and kicking his legs in the backseat on our way over to the venue. Then just as we were approaching Roland noticed a really bad smell. No wonder he was so happy! He had pooped. It was so bad we rolled down the windows until we got out of the car. But we didn’t know just how bad it was until I went around to get him out of the car. He had poop everywhere! There was poop on his legs, on his onesie, on the carseat… EVERYWHERE!

I had to change Harrison in the trunk of the car (and used about a box of wipes) while Roland tried to clean up the seat as much as possible. We left the windows down in the car and let the seat air out while we were in the rehearsal.

When I got home I had to get the manual and tools to get the cover off to wash it. I had no idea how many pieces there were, therefore I made Roland put it back together.


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