When a couch looks like a table

We bought a new couch! See…

Ummm… yeah… this is what happened when we walked into a store to find a couch for our family room and I fell in love with this dining set. It was a floor model sale and I’d actually seen this set at a different store and loved it there about a month before. We actually did buy a couch on that trip and we weren’t sure if we wanted to spend even more money on the table and chairs so we hemmed and hawed about it for a few days.

After a day or two I called the store to ask the very helpful clerk that we’d worked with for the purchase of the couch if the floor model price was the best price he could give us and he checked and told us he could take an additional $200 off! Before we hung up he told me that another couple had been in that morning and were also interested in the set. I told him we needed to talk about it some more and thanked him for the deal. I wondered if this was maybe a tactic to get us to snatch it up with a false sense of urgency.

Roland and I talked about the set and were still going back and forth on a decision. The next day we got a call from the store. The clerk wanted to let us know that another couple had been back and were going to buy it but we had seen it first so he wanted to give us first dibs. How honourable.

It pays to get to know your store clerks, folks. We got this set for approximately the regular price of four of the chairs. That means we got the table and two chairs free! And because we did order a couch and had paid for delivery, delivery of the dining set would be free! Multiple exclamation marks!!! And to top it all off because it was a floor model we didn’t have to wait for it. It was delivered a couple days later. We waited almost 9 weeks for our couch to arrive.

She was worth the wait, though. Isn’t she lovely?

She’s the Lyric sofa by Stylus in Jill Charcoal (hence the “she”). She is much better looking (and fitting) than what we had up there before. She’s comfortable and modern, but the best part is she fits!

You can see in the photo above just how much the Emotion Sofa encroached over the patio door. The Emotion has since moved to the basement where it fits much better. (Does that sound like we should be seeing a therapist?) We’re not keeping our emotions down, just our sofa.

After looking at an empty family room for months it’s finally starting to look and feel like a living space again. Project family room has begun!


5 thoughts on “When a couch looks like a table

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    • Hi Krista,

      The couch has been holding up really well. The cushions are still quite firm (about as firm as they arrived) and we haven’t had any trouble with the fabric. Even putting up with an infant/toddler that likes to climb up all by himself.

      I have no complaints.

      Good luck!

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