Start the car!

Have you seen this Ikea commercial?

Roland had a “SHTART THE CAR!” moment recently.

Last weekend I saw an ad in the Home Depot flyer (sidenote: I love sitting down with the weekly flyers and a cup of tea. It’s like a magazine full of sale items! Is that just me?) Anyway, I saw some leather club chairs in the HD flyer and thought they might be a promising option for our family room. We’ve been on the hunt for some chairs to complement our new sofa, that add seating to the room (obviously), and fill up some of the large empty space in the room near the fireplace.

For the price – $199 each (yes, I said $199 each for leather chairs!) I figured they’d at least be a good temporary solution until we save our pennies for something a bit pricier or find the right chairs secondhand that can be re-upholstered. With our space measurements in hand we popped over to our local store to see them in real life, do a comfort test, and measure the chairs.

Once we got home we envisioned the chairs in the space again with our measuring tape (we didn’t bother taping out the measurements on the floor) and figured we’d bite the bullet and pick up the chairs. In addition to the great price to sway us to purchase we also had a few Home Depot gift cards that we’ve had for a while that would cover the cost of the chairs.

Then, we sweet-talked a friend with an SUV into helping us get them home.

When Roland got home with the chairs not only had he brought me a grande decaf non-fat pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks (awww) but he told me that the chairs rang up at $129 each instead of $199. SHTART THE CAR! The chairs were meant to be.

Me likey. x2

This picture makes the leather look a bit browner than it is. It’s really dark charcoal. Okay, OKAY they’re black.

This photo also gives you a sneak peek at the next project for this family room. Did you see it?

We’re deciding on new paint colours for the room. I picked up two test pots of paint for under the chair rail in the family room and have the swatches up on the wall right now. The two left-most paint chips are being considered. They’re both a dark brown because our Jill charcoal sofa actually has some brown tones in the weave of the upholstery. I also think deep brown will tie in well with the rest of the colours of the house, warm up the room by making it feel a bit smaller and more cozy, and just generally make the room feel like it’s giving you a big hug. One colour is Benjamin Moore “Mink” 2112-10, and one is BM “Night Horizon” 2131-10. I think we’ll probably carry the “Stone Hearth” that we have now in the kitchen and foyer through into the family room above the chair rail.

This week the test patches will go up on the wall. If we’re able to make a snap decision we I might even paint the whole room on the weekend. And when I say whole room, I mean whole bottom half of the room. It is a long weekend here in Canada, though so I might just get it all done.

So for those of you who like a list, like me, here’s a list of how far we’ve gotten on our family room making-it-ours project:

  • Source and buy new couch.
  • Wait 8-10 weeks for delivery
  • Purchase new or “rediscover” secondhand arm chairs for more seating in the room
  • Find shelving units or display storage for either side of the fireplace
  • Get a media storage unit for tv, speakers and receiver to replace the old coffee table that we are currently using to hold up our tv — yup we’re using a glass coffee table and the receiver and speakers are on the floor
  • DIY a coffee table
  • New ceiling fixtures
  • Change the look of the fireplace without painting it. (I’ve got something up my sleeve)
  • Art for the room. DIY?
  • Window treatments
  • Accessories – cushions, throws, baskets, objets d’art etc.
What do you think? Not bad for $129/free with gift card chairs, eh? Anybody else snag some great deals by accident or have a “SHTART THE CAR!” moment lately? 

4 thoughts on “Start the car!

  1. It was a while ago mind you, but Dan and I were shopping at National Sports and I bought some short ankle socks that were on sale. When I got to the car, I noticed that both packs rang up at $0.00…. Sweet!

    I love reading your blog Heather… it makes me want to buy a new house and renovate like crazy! Or even just buy a design magazine or something…. 🙂

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