Happy Thanksgiving

First thing to be thankful for – this awesome weather we’re having!

 Best long weekend of the summer is not during the summer. Who cares?! I’ll take it.

Harrison and I just got back from the opening ceremonies and the tapping of the keg for the 43rd annual KW Oktoberfest! Our city is host the largest Bavarian festival outside Germany. And we’re hoping to take advantage of the beautiful weather by getting outside a bit more over the weekend. We may hit up the pumpkin patch, do some gardening and fall yard maintenance, and possibly take in the Thanksgiving Day parade on Monday before we head to my in-laws in London (Ontario). If we’re feeling extra full of energy we might even do the annual Oktoberfest 5k race on Sunday.

And between all that I might even get the family room painted.

The test swatches are up.

This picture captures Mink best (the one on the right).

This one shows Night Horizon best.

Can you see the wood grain effect under the paint? Yeah… that’s because the previous owners (or maybe the ones before them) painted over the faux wood panelling that’s under there. I’m not inclined to remove it either so I’ll be painting right over the green.

Roland and I are still divided on which colour to choose but I’m hoping we’ll come to a decision so I can get it painted out this weekend.

Here’s some brown living room inspiration for the long weekend. (All found on Pinterest. Originally found unkown, here, here, here, and here.)

Hollywood Hills Retreat modern family room

We have so much to be thankful for. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope it’s safe and full of turkey.


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