Seven months


On the first day of the month we celebrated your half-birthday with a few friends and I marvelled at how far you’ve come in just six short months. We’ve had lots of reasons to celebrate in September with a few parties, two weddings (one that you attended), some out-of-town visitors, a baby shower and mama’s 30th birthday.

You reached another big milestone in September, too. You’re sleeping in your crib in your own room. Though we were happy to share our room with you, we are all sleeping better as a result of your move. On the first night in your new crib you slept through the night. You’ve slept through the night every night since.

You are starting to express yourself in new and very vocal ways. You’re squealing when you’re happy or excited, and you’ve taken to grunting to tell us that you are displeased. Your grunts sound like a goose or maybe an elephant? And, for what I’m considering my birthday gift from you, you said “mama” when I picked you up from your nap on the day before my birthday. Do you know what it means? No, but it melted my heart.

You tried even more new foods this month and you’ve got a new favourite – peas! You make this really cute fishy face when you eat the tart peaches that I made you. You gave avocados a second chance and are loving them this time around. Green beans are not exactly a hit but you don’t turn them away and apple sauce is another sweet favourite. On doctor’s orders we also started giving you formula. You were a bit picky about it for the first couple of days but now you’re polishing off the bottles we give you. That formula is plumping you up and even I’m noticing you packing on some pudge.

Mid-month you started sitting up on your own for more extended periods of time. You still haven’t quite figured out that throwing yourself backwards towards the floor when you no longer want to sit isn’t the most comfortable way to get there. For right now when you’re sitting you’re surrounded by pillows or blankets or stuffed animals to help break your (inevitable) fall. So far we haven’t had any major injuries and considering you’re my son that’s a minor miracle.




One thought on “Seven months

  1. Wonderful, Heather you have such a gift for writing or journaling whatever it’s called please keep doing it. It helps us keep in touch with your daily lives and makes loving you all so much easier. love g gram Verna

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