Foyer consideration

I mentioned in a previous post that husbandman and I were making progress on lighting decisions for our foyer. And that is both true and false.

The FALSE: Our foyer still looks like this.

The TRUE: We found fixtures we liked online that we could order through a local retailer. Hooray for consensus! So, I called the shop and found out that the sconce and semi-flushmount options we chose were not regular stock items. That posed two problems. One problem was that we couldn’t stop by and see them in person just to be sure that we liked them. The other problem is that the salesperson told me that if we didn’t like them we’d be stuck with them since they are not regular stock items and they don’t accept returns on special orders. Cue the sad music.

And one last thing to convince us that special order was not the way to go was that the fixtures were rather pricey, and though we liked them based on the pictures online we didn’t want to be stuck with two expensive light fixtures that we didn’t like in real life.

We’ve now made four trips to big box stores specifically to find fixtures for the foyer (and a few other unrelated trips which resulted in a lighting department detour). The first trip was just reconnaissance. We got a sense of what is available and upon seeing what’s out there tried to narrow down our direction to an oil-rubbed bronze finish or go for something metallic like chrome or nickel.

Rona has an especially nice lighting selection and we found a promising option for the sconce spot but didn’t find anything equally moving for the ceiling fixture on our first trip there. Unfortunately we didn’t snap a pic of this awesome spotlight-y type light. And this is especially unfortunate because we were pretty excited about it and when we went back to see it again to see if we could decide on a complementary ceiling fixture we didn’t know which one we had originally fallen in love with. Are ya still with me? I think its a sign that it wasn’t meant to be. On the same return trip we did find a nice nickel spotlight-y type light but again couldn’t find a great ceiling fixture to relate to it.

We both really like the look and idea of a single spotlight. Like this.

This type of light is really well suited to shining down to highlight a beautiful piece of art.  But, we’re not sure that we want to put a single piece of art in that spot. So even though we couldn’t find a good match for our spotlight friend on our second trip to Rona we would’ve left empty handed anyway. After much discussion we came to the conclusion that we really have to first decide what we want to put under the “sconce” before we can make any lighting decisions for the foyer.

We’re both on the same page when it comes to furniture. We’re thinking a slim console table would be well-suited for that spot. As for what to put above it we still haven’t decided. I’m liking the idea of a small gallery of photos and/or small art pieces. The “guest book” from our wedding was a framed photo with signatures and well wishes on the matting. I loved having it in our main hallway in our old house and we haven’t found a home for it yet in our new house. I think it would be nice to have it displayed in a prominent spot again. One thing we don’t think we’ll do is put a mirror above or leaning on a console, since right now we have mirrored closet doors in the space and we don’t really need any more places to check your reflection.

I’ve been looking around for console inspiration so here are some photos that caught my eye.

I like that this one has the stools underneath and layered frames above. I’d substitute the mirror for art or photograph. (Found here)

Simple and clean with art above. (Originally from here. PS: If you click the link check out the price on the console!)

I love the tray and painted candlesticks and the quirky art above. I also love the console itself but we’re going to opt for an open console so that we’ll have easy access to our central vac and the power outlet in that space. (Originally from here)

I think this one is my favourite. (Originally from here).

The debate about what to put on the wall in the foyer continues in our house. Lighting choices are stalled pending wall decor decision.

What do you think? Gallery wall? A large canvas? A print? We need help.


5 thoughts on “Foyer consideration

  1. I like the last table the best. It is gorgeous. I find the gallery wall a little cluttered though. I think I would opt for a single piece of art (not a photo) but that’s just my two cents!

  2. “They” say that you should not put your family rogues gallery in a public area of the home. The last table is lovely and practical with the drawers to hide stuff! I agree with Megan that a nice piece of art would look best over the console.

    • I know. I’ve heard that “they” say that too. I’m torn. I think it’s MY house. If you don’t like looking at pictures of me that’s tough cookies! And we don’t really have another good spot for a similar family gallery elsewhere in the house.

      I like the last table for it’s storage/drawers also!

  3. Hmmm, i like the last one with the gallery. I have never been one to do it, but you have such beautiful black and whites of each other! I love all of the ones I have seen!

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