The painted room

The weather has been a bit dreary around here lately, but it was bright enough through the cloud cover today to snap a couple pictures of the family room now that it’s painted. I managed to paint the whole room on Saturday and didn’t even have to dip into the new gallon of Stone Hearth that I bought since I had enough from the kitchen and foyer jobs.

Here’s a picture of the family room before I painted when it was two tones of green. Check out those awesome test swatches.

And now after with a coat of Stone Hearth on the top and Mink below the chair rail.

The Mink looks almost black in this picture but it is definitely dark brown in person.

The Stone Hearth provides some nice continuity from the foyer, and kitchen. The Mink is a nice pair for the Stone Hearth and is, much like I’d hoped, warm and inviting like a big hug. The dark chairs against the Mink definitely seems rather bottom heavy so we’ll need to lighten things up with throws, cushions, drapes, art and accessories. Painting the room brings our family room to-do list a little closer to completion.

Here’s what the list looks like now:

  • Source and buy new couch.
  • Wait 8-10 weeks for delivery
  • Purchase new or “rediscover” secondhand arm chairs for more seating in the room
  • Paint
  • Find shelving units or display storage for either side of the fireplace
  • Get a media storage unit for tv, speakers and receiver to replace the old coffee table that we are currently using to hold up our tv — yup we’re using a glass coffee table and the receiver and speakers are on the floor
  • DIY a coffee table
  • New ceiling fixtures
  • Change the look of the fireplace without painting it. (I’ve got something up my sleeve)
  • Art for the room. DIY?
  • Window treatments
  • Accessories – cushions, throws, baskets, objets d’art etc.
  • NEW Find some side tables and maybe ottomans for the club chairs
  • NEW Add a rug to define the space (I’m not sure if I like the rug on carpet idea, so it’s just a thought right now)
I have an idea for our coffee table and I’ve been trying to source the items I need. I’ve got a promising lead on a key piece for my DIY coffee table so hopefully I can give you more details on that soon. As for the fireplace makeover, I’d like that to be next on my list, but Rolly and I are still in talks (ie: negotiations) as to the best way to proceed.

5 thoughts on “The painted room

  1. I love the mink colour! I agree that adding some lighter or even bright colours in the way of throws and cushions will add to the room. Can’t wait to see more changes!

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