Gotta love a challenge

I’m back with a late afternoon post for ya. It’s Pinterest Challenge time over at one of my favourite blogs Young House Love (and new awesome discovery Bower Power Blog) and I loves me a competition challenge!

I’m sorry I’m only getting to post this now. I was hoping to post it earlier and send out the challenge to all three of you who read this blog so we could all play along together, but alas I’m a bad blogger. I do want to take part in this second edition of Pinterest Challenge anyway.

It’s pretty simple really. Stop with the pinning and get with the doing, then share your Pinterest inspired craft, recipe results, decor item, project, table setting, ornament… you get the picture.

I’ve seen lots of great space-saving ideas and DIY decor projects on Pinterest that I hope to one day incorporate into the house, and some yummy looking recipes that I wish would just show up in my kitchen, but vow to try some day too.

I’ve got art on my mind these days, though since I’m thinking about putting some art on the -very bare- walls in the newly painted family room, so I’ve decided to start with something small and personal for my first foray into the Pinterest challenge.

photo from here

This project requires very simple materials and is customizable to your colour scheme (presumably), so I’m going to give it a shot. It’s just woven paper and food colouring. Easy Peasy! This project calls for a shredder which I don’t have (well – I do but it’s one of those fancy cross-cut kinds which isn’t going to work for this project) so I’m going to go the old fashioned route and cut it all up myself. I’ll share how far I got tomorrow. Wish me luck! Here’s hoping I don’t get too many paper cuts.

And hey! it’s not too late to join in the fun. Go for it, and let me know how you did, and of course share with Sherry and Katie.


One thought on “Gotta love a challenge

  1. Heather, we have a paper shredder. If you want to use it, let me know. I could bring it by. I hate to think of you shredding paper by hand. I love this by the way. I think it would look fantastic in your family room… maybe incorporate brown and like lime green. How do you make brown with food colouring? I am trying to think…

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