Challenge results

I’m back with the results of my Pinterest challenge woven paper art. Original Pinspiration from here.

I want to put some art in the family room, so I tried to work my magic with the food colouring and tried to get some browns and bright greens in there (since I’d like to have bright green as the accent colour in the family room). I didn’t follow the original instructions exactly. I used my fingers and a paint brush to get the food colouring, or watered-down food colouring onto the page. Once I was done my page looked like this.

Then just as the directions say I shredded it up. Thanks to my friend Megan who let me borrow her shredder. This would’ve taken way longer if I had to cut all the strips individually. Then I was left with these lovelies.

I taped the vertical strips to the top of a piece of white printing paper…

then wove in the other strips of paper and I was left with this.

I like how the green turned out but I don’t love how beige the brown turned out. I thought it would be fun to work in some red too, but it turned out pink. I’m not sure if this guy will end up in our family room but maybe his cousin, my second try, will. The colours in the original example are so bright and I think I went wrong by trying to mix them beforehand and manipulate the colour too much. I’ll try again by just putting food colouring to paper and not worrying so much about getting the colours I want. The inspiration one was so bright and bold and that’s what I’m hoping for.

Its not in a frame just yet because I’m not sure if it’ll ever end up in one, but this was definitely a good first try and super easy to do. I was able to complete the whole project while Harrison was napping, so I’m sure I’ll give this project another shot.

Yay! One Pinterest challenge complete.

Anyone else participate? Have you seen the amazing stuff that’s been submitted? All the more inspiring! Don’t forget to check out Young House Love, Bower Power Blog, House of Earnest, and Ana White. I’m off to submit my project.


One thought on “Challenge results

  1. I think it turned out really cool! You are right though that some bolder colours may look better. I’m glad the shredder worked out.

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