The power of Pinterest

Thanks everyone for stopping in today! Hits on this blog have hit an all-time high (already over 400) and I can only assume it’s because I posted a link on Pinterest as a comment on something pinned by Sherry at Young House Love. It’s either that or my mom’s strategy of telling everyone she knows is really getting traction.

Sherry pinned “Entire book on one page” and I posted a link to the PosterText posters that we used as a jumping off point for Harrison’s nursery. The posters were a sweet little gift from husbandman last Christmas.

I still love our PosterText posters in the nursery, and think they’re great art for a nursery or child’s room, or an office, and would make a great gift for a literature buff.

Thank you all for checking out this little blog. I hope you’ll keep reading along. If you’ve got a blog, share it in a comment. I’d love to check it out and see what you’re up to too!


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