Eight months


This month you turned eight months old. Three quarters of a year old! It’s like the diamond anniversary of infanthood. You’re old!

So old in fact that you’re eating food that doesn’t look like someone already ate it. Since you don’t have any teeth yet you don’t have many options in the non-pre-chewed food department but I gave you Cheerios and boy do you love those oaty ohs. Proving once again that your favourite grain is in fact oats. Remember this for your university applications when they ask you to name your favourite grain.

Your dad and I saw you playing on the floor one day early in the month and you were trying to pick something up with your fingers. Your fingers! That’s when I figured that giving you Cheerios to practice with was better than, well… whatever we had laying around on the floor that the cats didn’t want. And in what seems like a blink of an eye you went from not quite getting it to, “Lady, put those tasty bits down faster. Can’t you see I’m eating here?”

Now you’re an old pro at picking things up which is causing me much grief, because now you think everything you can get between those chubby little fingers are as tasty as Cheerios.

You’ve also learned to sit up with out a mountain of pillows around you. It has made play time lots of fun because now you can see the tops of toys and I can put you down on the floor and you can look around and take it all in. You’re very good at sitting up. Not very good at getting down. If your dad or I put you into a sitting position you were pretty much stuck there until we moved you.

Though we very much like your stay-putted-ness we’ve been working on helping you figure out how to get down without breaking your nose. One night after your dad got home from work and before I went out to play ultimate I sat you down on the floor in the family room. Your dad and I were patting ourselves on the back raving about what awesome parents we are because Our baby! He can sit! ON HIS OWN! No baby before in the history of babies has ever been so good at sitting. And in our attempt to help you learn to lunge forward and support yourself so you can get down on your own we’ve been putting enticing toys out in front of you. On this particular night I put a soft crocheted ball in front of you. And just as your dad and I were about to call the newspaper to come and record this awesome display of sitting, you lunged forward and plummeted face first into that soft ball. You didn’t even attempt to support yourself on the way down. You didn’t slide to either side you were just stuck there face-planted into the ball. And as the awesome parents that we are we just laughed hysterically as we picked you up, and cursed ourselves for not having the video camera on. You could’ve been a YouTube sensation! You can tell your therapist all about your caring parents some day.

At the end of the month you woke up and its as if the word “mama” had come to you in a dream. You couldn’t stop saying it. You also said “dada”, though I think it just came out as a fluke as you were babbling away because you haven’t said it since. You’re making more new sounds every day and you’re starting to try to pull yourself up onto things. No surfaces are safe. And you’re starting to turn your commando crawl into real hands and knees crawling, but you still haven’t figured out how to harness the power of your knees. You get up on all fours, then get right back down to get where you want to go. I don’t blame you kiddo. Go with what works.

Of course, I can’t mention October without talking about your first Hallowe’en. You didn’t seem to mind your costume one bit and didn’t complain about it all day. It was such a special family day. I’m looking forward to many more with my little monster.



PS: Your buddy Cooper entered the world this month. You guys are gonna have so much fun together.


3 thoughts on “Eight months

  1. Thanks Heather , another lovely month , I was going thru’ old photos and saved santa letters and happy grandma cards from Roland this am before I got up to face the day. These memories are a precious treasure every moment of his days with you. love Gram xx

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