The Art of Dining

A few weekends ago husbandman and I had some friends over for dinner and we got to serve and eat our first meal at the new dining room table.

Though the company was lively and discussion very colourful, our walls sadly were not. Embarrassingly we still hadn’t put anything on the walls in the dining room. In fact, besides the nursery, we’ve hardly put anything on the walls in the new house at all. We’ve been living with a bit of art indecision. We weren’t quite sure where we would put all of our art from the old house in the new house. And you might have noticed that we’ve been painting a lot, so I think we’ve also been waiting to see what colour the rooms are going to end up before we decided what pieces will go in which room.

Over the weekend we finally decided to put our two Rodney White prints in the dining room and I think they fit in nicely in there. They fill the space quite well and I think red (which is prominent in both prints) is such a great colour for kitchens and dining rooms. It just makes you want to dig in.

We bought these prints a couple years ago at Urban Barn‘s “well-hung” event when all their wall decor was buy one, get one half off. These guys used to live in the basement/theatre room of the old house. I particularly like the sentiment “Relax” in our dining room. If not here, in these cushy chairs while dining like royalty, where can you relax? It’s a nice reminder for guests to sit back and be served.

We also put the two extra leaves in the table for this dinner party so the first photo above is a picture of the table fully extended to 112″ (or 9’ 4″). For six of us that was loads of space, perhaps too much since we served the meal and didn’t have much else on the table. If we serve a meal family-style the leaves would be great so that you don’t feel crowded and have lots of room for setting down serving dishes and bowls.

When hanging the art we noticed something we’d never noticed before – holes in the walls.

Sorry about the shadow. I think that’s the shadow of the top of my head and I didn’t bother editing it out. Guess I’ll be filling holes and doing some touching up soon. Thankfully the former owners of this house left us all the leftover paint.

Probably won’t be doing much else to this dining room, as I turn my attention to decorating the house for the holidays and getting ready for a little get-together in early December. More on that tomorrow.


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