‘Tis the season

Hard to believe, but ’tis the season ALREADY. I must admit though, being in Canada and not having another holiday between Hallowe’en and Christmas makes me feel like getting in the spirit now doesn’t seem too premature.

We’re having a little get-together for friends and family on the first weekend in December, so I’ve already made and sent out the invites so people have time to make plans to attend. I sent this to local friends in lieu of Christmas cards this year. (Out-of-towners and others on my list will get a regular card).

I just made them up postcard-style four to a page on the computer and printed them on 67 lb card stock. I printed a brief message on the back with the details and used mail merge in Word to have the addresses printed directly on the card. Easy peasy.

And speaking of easy, it’s an open house event so people can come and go as they please, bring the kids, and really just kick off the festive season with some merriment! Not to mention, I’ll just serve some drinks and snacks to keept it light and easy for me too. I want to enjoy seeing everyone.

I’ve been putting a few decorations up around the house inside and out. Next on my list is putting up and decorating the tree tomorrow with husbandman.

What about you? Already have holiday parties to attend? Hosting your own? Is your calendar filling up quickly? Not to add any stress but there’s only 36 more shopping days until Christmas!


One thought on “‘Tis the season

  1. Looking forward to the party. You invitation brightens our fairly empty fridge (packed most of the other stuff.) I have wrapped everything we have bought. I love Christmas!

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