Presto, change-o…

…table gone-zo!

We’ve had our kitchen table set up on kijiji for a while now. I’d re-post it every once in a while and we’ve had the odd inquiry about it and a couple people come by to check it out. I got a new email about it last week and they came by and saw it one evening, and picked up the next day.

We’ve wanted to replace it for a while now. We bought it from the previous owners of this house when we moved in. It fit well in the space and we didn’t really have anything else to put there, but after living with it for a little while we realized that it really wasn’t working for us. Both of us would hit our knees on the table legs every time we pulled a chair in. EVERY TIME. And though the seats were comfortable the backs of the chairs were not. They’re all hard and cold.

I think I’d like to put a smaller round table in there, with only four chairs. Maybe faux leather or something comfortable but wipeable so that kiddos don’t ruin them right away. Not sure what we’ll end up with yet.

I guess we’ll be shopping for a new table and chairs for our breakfast area in the new year. In the meantime, looks like we’ve got the perfect dance floor for our holiday party!


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