Special Guest Post: Guys Gift Guide

Well all, you’re in for a treat; Husbandman here. Wifelady asked me to drop in to say “Hi” while she’s off presenting the child to the east coast. Heretofore you’ve probably heard some pretty one-sided stories about me. Some of the things you’ve heard are true, some we’ll call “misrepresented.” For those of you who don’t know me personally, let me set the stage. I’m smart, talentedinsightfulcaring and always up for an adventure.  Now that we’re all friends, let’s get to it.


Ok, so apparently what she was looking for was less that and moreso something in the form of a Guy’s Gift Guide. While you and I know that a gift guide this early is a bit silly as nobody shops before December 23rd anyway, let’s humour her (it’s almost Christmas, after all).

Keeping with the pattern set in the Gal’s Gift Guide, I’ve sliced this up into categories for easy pickin’s and kept as Canadian a focus as possible. Here it is, the Guy’s Gift Guide – as always, free of hippie bullsh#t (Except for #7. Don’t judge me, they’re comfortable).  We’ve got things for the chefs (#1, #9), for the thinkers (#4, #10) and the for listeners (#8). There’s stuff for the athletes (#2, #3), for the couch potatoes (#6) and even for the ‘curious about what time it is, need to get up in the mornings and are sick of fighting over phone chargers’-ers out there (#5).

1. Epicurean Cutting Boards, $11.50 – $69; 2. iPod Shuffle, $49; 3. UnderArmour Compression Shorts, $34.99; 4. Steve Jobs: A Biography, $18.49; 5. iLuv IMM173 6. Skyrim / Call of Duty: MW3 / Battlefield 3, $59.99; 7. Lululemon Pacific Beach Hoodie, $98; 8. Speakers from Axiom Audio, $Various; 9. Weber Stainless BBQ Tools, $59.99; 10. Buckyballs, $24.99-$99.99

Happy Christmas. Don’t drink too much eggnog. Don’t get run over by a reindeer. Enjoy your Who hash and roast beast.


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