Starting at the beginning

I have lots to fill you in on since I’ve been away including a re-cap of my trip and what I’ve been doing to get the house ready for the Christmas party tomorrow, but what better place to start than at the beginning?

Before Harrison and I left for Nova Scotia we put up our Christmas tree. Normally we don’t put up our tree until December, but since we’re hosting our Christmas party on Saturday I wanted to get it up early so I didn’t have to rush around once I got back.

I always grew up with a real tree. In fact, my family has been going to the same tree farm for as long as I can remember. This wasn’t just any ordinary tree lot either. This place had Christmas music blaring on loud speakers, staff dressed as elves to price your tree, and my personal favourite: fresh baked cookies and hot chocolate inside the house for a post-tree hunt warm-up. It’s a tradition in my family that I really cherish. Even after I went away to university my parents would wait for me to get home after exams to trek out to get the tree so that we could all go together.

In this house with our two cats we opted for an artificial tree so that we wouldn’t have to worry about our cats trying to climb it, or drinking the water, or who knows what they’d do to our beautiful conifer. A couple years ago we picked out a 7-foot pre-lit version from the artificial tree lot that is Canadian Tire that I quite like.

And as far as traditions go we have our own. Since the first Christmas that husbandman and I were dating we have bought each other an ornament. At the time we didn’t have a tree, but we always knew we’d have our own place and our own tree some day, and when we did we’d have a special set of ornaments to adorn our tree right from the start.

It didn’t take too long to get it all decorated. The longest part was going through all our ornaments and reminiscing about the ornaments we gave each other and why.

Here’s Harry and husbandman putting the first ornament on our tree.


It’s a peanut! Thanks to my aunt and uncle who brought this back for us from a huge Christmas store on a recent shopping trip in the US.

Here’s a picture of one of the angels in the trio of angel ornaments that husbandman got me for that first Christmas together.

And finally, here’s what it looks like all dressed and lit up.

It doesn’t have a theme and it isn’t extra fancy, but it is very personal. Almost every ornament tells a story.

I’m getting ready for the holiday party this weekend and really looking forward to seeing everyone! Hope you all have a great weekend. Anyone putting up their tree this weekend? Anyone have any sweet holiday traditions that have lasted for years or planning to start a new one this year?


4 thoughts on “Starting at the beginning

  1. We are looking forward to seeing this tree in person! Our tree won’t be put up and decorated until maybe next week. Decorating takes time for me too… all of our decorations have a story and it is ‘tradition’ to remember as the decoration process unfolds. Memories of times past, of love, care and thoughtfullness. May this Christmas season begin new traditions and create many more memories! Love and blessings….

  2. Heather your tree is beautiful, and so personal , I know the love and reminiscing that each ornament can bring. Enjoy your party but don’t stop with the monitor yet! my little love bug still needs extra special care and watching. love Gram xxx

  3. I can’t wait to get a tree after we move (yes we are getting one right away) and putting our new special ornament on… “And Baby Makes Three.” I love all the special memories that come with each and every ornament. I hope Harrison’s first Christmas is a memorable one 🙂

  4. Heather, Roland and Harrison–Your tree is beautiful..Heather, I have the same set of three angels that Jean gave me several years ago. All my ornaments have a story, too. That is the best part of Christmas–adding a new one or two each year. Thanks for the update. I really enjoy reading them. Thanks also so much for bringing Harrison to us. I have a couple of pictures of him with Meaghan I will send. Love Grandma

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