Too good to pass up

a trip to IKEA!

We made good use of our travels to the GTA for my flight to Halifax and stopped at an Ikea not far from the airport hotel where we stayed the night before my early morning flight. We didn’t have a lot of space in the car, what with my luggage, the stroller, Roland’s overnight bag and his laptop bag, the car seat, oh and the three of us!

I did manage to squeeze in lots of great stuff, though just barely!

1. Format lights x2 for above our Expedit shelves that make up our “office” in our basement; 2. Patrull bath mat for the peanut; 3. Bekvam spice rack x2 that I’ll use as book storage (see below); 4. Halogen lights for aforementioned lights and for the track lighting that is also in our basement; 5. Ribba frames for a kitchen art idea that I have in mind.

We also picked up some Lingo boxes and Lingo files for organizing the office in the basement too.

I saw this cute idea on Pinterest (from here) and thought I’d steal it and use it in our house.

That’s why I picked up a couple of Ikea spice racks while we were there. I’m not sure if I’m going to put them in Harry’s room or in the basement where we spend a lot of our time playing.

As usual we were inspired by lots of the displays at Ikea and found some slightly larger items that we just couldn’t take home with us on that trip. I’ll fill you in later as we decide which ones we really are going to take home with us once we make room in the car save our pennies.

Whew! Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. We’ve been pretty busy since I’ve been back with not only the holiday party, but lots of personal and work stuff that’s kept me away from my camera and computer. Don’t Fret.  Everything’s great… just busy! I’ll be back again soon to catch you up. Anyone else have to travel vast distances to get to Ikea? (Okay our travel wasn’t that vast). Do you always try to make the most of your Ikea trips? Anyone lucky enough to have one in their hometown? You lucky dog, you! 


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