That’s kind of a bad word in these parts, because when the weatherman says Noreaster it means snow, and lots of it. In this case it was good news, as Harry and I headed North East for our trip to Halifax to visit my in-laws and a large part of husbandman’s family.

I always love visiting there because it’s so peaceful. My mother in-law lives on a lake called Stillwater. If that doesn’t say tranquility to you I don’t know what will. This trip didn’t disappoint. Even with the hustle and bustle of people coming to visit and see (or sometimes meet) Harry, it was a pretty stress-free week. After all, there’s not much to do when you live in the middle of nowhere. But I didn’t mind, I didn’t really want to accomplish anything, just get in some quality time with family.

I spent the first full day just figuring out how Harrison’s schedule might change because of the travel, the time change a new place etc. It didn’t. He’s so awesome.

Then, as it turns out, Harry and I weren’t the only Noreaster bound for Nova Scotia. Yeah… you saw. It snowed.

So that was Wednesday… just watching it come down and shovelling out. (Though I didn’t do any shovelling or blowing of snow). And, remember how I told you it’s peaceful there? Well it’s peaceful because they live on a private drive that’s over a mile long. That means the snow plow doesn’t, well doesn’t plow. So it wasn’t until mid-afternoon on Thursday that the road was kinda sorta cleared by uncle Rob.

That’s okay, though because when we woke up on Thursday the snow had stopped falling but over night the wind had dumped the snow squarely in front of the door.

The angle of this shot doesn’t do it justice because that snow mound is about as high as the door knob.

The snow didn’t scare the fearless Nova Scotians and we had a great crowd for a visit and dinner on Thursday evening.

We did manage to make it out on Friday, Black Friday, and actually braved the mall. I did a little shopping for people here, and a little bit of shopping so I could leave Christmas gifts there.

Over the weekend, I went out to visit husbandman’s dad’s side of the family in neighbouring Dartmouth. Harrison and I joined the weekly Sunday dinner tradition and actually got to celebrate his uncle Shane’s birthday. And that means cake!

It was also really neat to see Harrison getting to play with toys that his dad played with as a boy.

This is the only picture I have of him not stuffing the block in his mouth.

By the end of our week the snow was starting to clear after a few consecutive days of mild weather. I managed to get down to the water and take a few pictures of the lake. It’s not hard to tell why they named it Stillwater Lake.


We had a wonderful week with family but as great as it was, I was so glad to be back home and have our little family together again.


8 thoughts on “Noreaster

  1. Beautiful pictures! You are not going to believe this…but… Nicholas has that dinosaur hoodie that Harry Is wearing in the photo. It came with pants and a onesie. It is 6-9 months so it won’t fit him just yet…. I see a twins photo again in our future!

  2. Heath, it was so wonderful to have you here! I did miss seeing my boy however, as much as you missed him.

    I wish I hadn’t pulled by back on that damn snow tho’!
    It made helping with Harry pretty tricky but he really is so good I dont think there was too much I could have hepled with!

    I’m so glad you came!

    Love and hugs

    Grandma at the Lake

    • Wow! That doesn’t sound good. We’ve been having beautiful weather here in Ontario and haven’t really had a big dump of snow. The weather has been so mild it has mostly rained. At this point in the year I’d rather snow than rain if it’s going to be cold. I do hope we have a white Christmas.

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