From blah…

to Fa-La-La-La-La-La.

In addition to putting up the tree before our holiday party we hung our stockings (with care). The one on the left is Roland’s. The one on the right is mine. The one in the middle is a place holder for Harry. I ordered him a new one of his own.

I moved the lanterns up to the mantle. I never did put candles in them. I snagged some real greenery from our backyard. Score!

I found the glittery gold cones and the basket on the hearth at HomeSense this year. I added a bunch of filler to the basket and then topped it with Christmas crackers in blue and gold from President’s Choice.

I’m glad we decorated early this year so I can enjoy it all that much longer. It’s really the only room I decorate for the holidays so I find myself spending more time in there these days. This is our first Christmas tree in this house, too, which makes it all that more special. Last year we didn’t bother putting up a tree because we had just moved and it seemed like a big hassle. I’m so glad it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.

What about you? All finished decorating? Do you put your tree up the day after Hallowe’en like some of our friends? Or are you waiting to the last minute to get your tree?


6 thoughts on “From blah…

  1. Looks wonderful Heather, I saw some tealights that run on a battery they would illuminate your lanterns safely, with no wax overspill.They were at winners. love Gram xx

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