Happy House-aversary to Us!

It’s been exactly one year since we moved into this house. What an amazing year it has been.

It was a bitterly cold day when we moved out of our first house. Aww… I loved that house. Let’s review shall we? It’s nearing the end of the year after all. And what’s December without all the year-in-review recaps?

I was looking much like this:

I did some of the packing, but very little of the moving things. We had lots of help packing up the last few boxes. Here’s what you get when you get friends to help. Friends who think they’re funny.

Or perhaps you’d like this little gem?

This made for some good laughs as we unpacked, since these boxes were labelled unbeknownst to me. I especially like how our movers just went with the label. Don’t remember where we found the box above.

But before we get to the unpacking, let’s say goodbye to the old house.

Goodbye, His and Hers closet with organizer.

Goodbye, Big Spare Bedroom.

Goodbye Room Solely Dedicated to Being an Office.

And finally, goodbye to you, Theatre Room (with 106 inch screen). Really, goodbye 106″ Peter Mansbridge (or Tom Brady – take your pick).

One year doesn’t seem that long, but just looking back at these photos I can’t believe how bad my memory is. I didn’t remember where we had hung that Insanity print until I saw it in the picture above. And I didn’t remember that we had a picture from our honeymoon in our bedroom until I saw this picture. (In the black frame on the headboard). How sweet were we? Sidenote: I don’t even know where that photo is now.

Our current master bedroom isn’t looking so polished. But we have made good progress on many other rooms in this house in just 365 days.

Harrison’s room. The nursery. Definitely the most dramatic changes and the most complete room in this house. After all, he’s really the reason we wanted to move into a new space.

When we moved in:


The kitchen. It’s the heart of most homes and ours is no different. We didn’t make huge changes here. They’re subtle.

When we moved in:


We made a quick change by changing the paint colour to Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth, and I removed the fabric valance above the window at the sink. Okay, some changes in the kitchen were not so subtle.

We are still lacking a table in the kitchen. The table hunt will resume in the new year.

The family room. Maybe the most expensive changes we’ve made in any room since we’ve purchased four major pieces of furniture for this room. A sectional couch, two chairs, and a media console.

When we moved in (Actually from the real estate photos – apparently I missed this room on moving day. Oops!):

No longer living in pea soup:

Halls decked:

The dining room. Perhaps my favourite furniture in our new house is this gorgeous harvest table and the 6 plush and very comfortable chairs (for a steal!)

When we moved in:


The house is a work in progress, of course. I know we didn’t really feel settled in our first house, well almost until we decided to leave, and we lived there for two and a half years. Good grief! But, I think we’ve come a long way in the last 12 months considering there were some other major events in 2011 that kept us pretty busy.

In case you were wondering, our foyer lighting situation is still at a standstill.

We’ve been living with this for too long.

This house has more rooms to make our own, and we are slowly but surely transforming this house into our home, while life keeps us busy too.

I guess the New Year is as good a time as any for resolutions. But, my first resolution is that I’m going to keep it simple.

For the next year in this house, in no particular order:

  • I’d like to resolve the lighting situation in our foyer.
  • Find a table and chairs for our kitchen.
  • Paint the stairway/hallway leading to the bedroom level.
  • Put way more stuff on the walls. (Once they’re all the colour I want).
  • Update the exterior of the house with some new paint colours.
  • Re-imagine our gardens and start making some changes outdoors.
  • Organize our garage door entry (the most used entry in the house) so that it’s pretty (obviously) and functional – so getting out the door when I go back to work is not a hassle.
  • Put some finishing touches on our family room (art, mantlescape, drapes, cushions, side tables, ottomans/coffee table)
  • Start tweaking our master bedroom towards the final vision.

I think that’s manageable. That’s not even one project for every month! That’s totally do-able. I think. In my experience, the key to keeping resolutions is making it a bit of a stretch, but not so far out there that you’re too overwhelmed to start.

Not bad, eh? Anyone else have a year to remember and is a sucker for a “Year in Review” like me? Anyone else starting to make resolutions – home or personal? Anybody have a hole in their wall because they’re stuck in lighting limbo? Please tell me we’re not the only ones! I know that someone else is having a house-aversary this week. Getting the keys to their new house. Anyone else crazy like us and moving this close to Christmas?


10 thoughts on “Happy House-aversary to Us!

  1. Yes yes we are crazy. Move is going well so far. I am feeling quite a bit better, my mother-in-law is better and Dan’s foot is somewhat better. We unpacked most of the kitchen and delivered about 20 empty boxes to Benvenuti’s. It’s all good!

  2. Oh gosh, I am in lighting limbo! In the foyer, too. We removed the old one, installed the new one and realized the hallway needed some electrical work. Now the hole int he ceiling is going on four months, I think. Hah! I love what you did with the nursery. Such a happy and bright place!

    • Thanks Sara! I’m so glad we’re not the only ones. We had such high hopes for that light. We painted, went out to pick out lights – met with both indecision and lack of options – and it’s been like that since.

      Glad you like the nursery. It is very happy. 🙂

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